François Demachy:

This creation was inspired by a memory of the May Rose fields at dawn, when the flowers covered with fresh dew-drops await the pickers. It contains the vivacious green of the stems, snapped with a confident twist and the sharp, peppery spice that lingers on the fingers after the harvest.

Rose Gipsy fragrance notes

    • may rose, green notes, spices

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Powdery-floral from Christian Dior's niche selection (Collection Privee) with decent, multifaceted depictions of the May rose flower being handled in its natural setting.

Mr. Demachy's formulation is clever and really does recreate the experience of picking roses in a dew-covered field, with the sensation of the snapped green stems. The "green notes" resemble light renditions of fruits like lime and green apple, though in Rose Gipsy its meant to mimic the vegetal nature of the snapped stems.

A laid back, refreshing scent which is a nice "painting." :)
1st December 2018