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Rose en Noir 
Miller Harris (2006)

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Miller Harris
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Exclusive to Liberty of London.

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Reviews of Rose en Noir by Miller Harris

Close your eyes,you see yourself outdoors at night,in the moonlight,either on warm summer night or bundled up during the crispness of fall or winter. gazing up at the stars,enveloped in fond memories and cocooned by a feeling of warmth and comforting.beautiful,simply beautiful so elegant-modern-classic-alluring.

On my skin it opens up with a peppery-smoke of roses which,in itself sounds maybe a bit unusual and surprising,yet proves to be a soft and sexy combination.than a slight,lemon-violet leaf mix appears and settles next to it adding freshness to the roses,and finally,beautiful soft tobacco and earthy patchouli finishes the grand parade of pretty smells in the dry down.there is a melancholic side to this perfume.
Jul 19, 2021

I had recently ordered a sample pack from Rosines de Paris so I feel that I was reasonably acquainted, trained to/with the rose concept when I ordered a Miller Harris trilogy that included Rose en Noir. Add these to a great many rose fragrances, all the tried and true, you know them. Summary:
I have to agree with Claire's review but this could have something to do with having an Irish Mother, pale skin and a travel tube of sunscreen in my purse at all times.
I bought the 14 ml Eau du Parfum set, a gorgeous trio that I can throw into my suitcase. Hopefully there will be holiday memories that I associate with Rose en Noir. My daughter loves Rossy de Palma aka Eau de Protection and when I struggle with rose as a perfume I tend to think of this one, even though I don't own it personally. I went through the gardening phase of David Austen and old fashioned roses, have grown a great many of them and there is nothing that compares to the rose dew of the real thing. You can't always get what you want.
Apr 28, 2017

The Black Rose...

I always love trying creations from Miller Harris. I feel that Lyn Harris is a master perfumer who has a talent for making beautifully crafted and exceptionally natural smelling perfumes.

Rose en Noir is a deep, dark spicy rose perfume which reminds me of other creations such as Rose 31 by Le Labo. I also feel that this is one best suited for night and formal wear. The combination and blend of strong, prominent rose with aromatic dry tobacco is really unique, which is combined with the spicy cumin, black pepper and coriander, dark patchouli (always a common combination with rose) and crisp violet leaf.

This is like a rose in darkness, shrouded in night and dark shadow. A very dusky rose perfume which is sultry and different. I recommend this one and actually find it very unisex (with just the right amount of spices). Nothing is cloying or overwhelming or out of place. It shows once again that Lyn Harris is a master perfumer and at the top of her game. Great stuff and worth trying out.
Jul 10, 2016

Noir my arse. It’s about as noir as I am, which considering I come from a race of people who are a shade of duck egg blue in winter, is not very.

Still, it’s a very pretty fragrance, this Rose en Noir, with its bright herbal top and prickly petigrain leading into a moderately peppery rose. The coriander adds a slightly soapy accent to the rose (but stops short of making it metallic or sharp), and violet leaf adds a watery, green feel to the background noise. I get discreet wafts of tobacco leaf here and there – at one point briefly turning ever so slightly smoky (nice!) – but it’s not really the main focus.

It is not a dark scent, nor is it animalic. You’d think that the use of black pepper and coriander puts you in the same general area as Rose Poivree and Une Fille de Berlin, but Rose en Noir is nowhere near as dramatic as these. It’s a bright but soft herbal tobacco-rose composition that doesn’t come down too heavy on any one note, so the overall impression is of lightness and sparkle.

But what could be seen as restraint or discretion in the use of notes actually turns out to be the undoing of the scent – everything is so muted and pale that it fails to rise above mere prettiness. It is very easy to wear, but so quiet that one tends to forget you’re wearing it after an hour or two. I suspect that Rose en Noir was tailor made to appeal to casual browsers in Liberty’s in London, women for whom fragrance is likely a pleasant afterthought rather than the all-consuming passion it is for me – the dark-sounding name will look cool on the dressing table and the scent itself won’t scare the horses. I’m clearly not the target audience here, and you know what, that’s totally cool.
Jan 13, 2016

Dark, gothy rose scents are my favorite type of fragrance, and this is one of the best ones I've tried. It doesn't have quite the sophistication, complexity, or longevity of l'Arte di Gucci, but it smells somewhat similar, especially after the top notes have faded off and it becomes mostly a deep, smoky, honeyed rose. I definitely prefer this one to Rose Barbare and Nahema. It deserves much more attention than it gets. I wish it lasted as long as Rose Barbare, but it's far far prettier.
Aug 20, 2012

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