Rose Eau de Toilette fragrance notes

  • Head

    • tea rose
  • Heart

    • rose essence, clove
  • Base

    • woods

Latest Reviews of Rose Eau de Toilette

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This is an excellent single note rose. It's very balanced and natural smelling. This is just one more example of the perfection that is Molinard when it comes to single note fragrances to be used for layering, or combining to create personal signature scents. These fragrances are basically high-quality industry "specialties" or "perfume bases" that have already been put into an EDT dillution so that you can combine them by decanting and blending, or layering by spraying directly on your person one after the other.
2nd March 2010
I am not strongly fond of rose, so please take that into consideration in this review. Molinard Rose has as nice of personality as any solo rose characterization I've encountered in designer fragrances. I think Rose Molinard is excellently named because she is quite unifloral in her rosiness … I can't identify her exact rose accent except to say it is not weak, not overly sweet, nor over the top; and she does not smell wild either. She seems quite typical of the kind of Rose found in so many of the designer rose fragrances– except that, in spite of her lack of uniqueness she has a very positive self-image. She has real presence, a strong sillage, and incredible longevity – and all these without ostensibly depending on anyone or anything else. When she finally disappears, she leaves a pleasant green note in her wake. Molinard Rose keeps a better character if she is applied lightly – she turns into a real villain – aggressive and oily if there's too much of her.
23rd August 2008