Rose d'Homme 
Les Parfums de Rosine (2005)

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Rose d'Homme by Les Parfums de Rosine

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Rose d'Homme is a men's fragrance launched in 2005 by Les Parfums de Rosine

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Reviews of Rose d'Homme by Les Parfums de Rosine

There are 26 reviews of Rose d'Homme by Les Parfums de Rosine.

"Heaven... I'm in heaven,
And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak..."

Be still my beating heart, this is a certain rose that I've been looking for. This is a Cary Grant rose, an MGM rose, a rose that has gone Technicolor. The lavender harmonizes, the vanilla sensualizes, and the leather eroticizes just ever so slightly, just a bit; this gentleman's rose has manners, but other things are in mind. It may be a bit too old-fashioned for younger noses who are still trying to figure out why Moschino's Boy Toy, with its join-the-dots rose note and thinly-veiled homoerotic imagery, is exactly all about. Rose? That's for old ladies, right!? (drivel, utter drivel). But Boy Toy to them is dipping toes into forbidden territory. Rose d'Homme is an invitation into the secret bath house, gents. It's the sugar daddy to Habit Rouge, rosier and muskier; a come hither stare to HR's stiff upper lip.

Rose d'Homme is looking for trouble, the right kind of trouble, discreetly. It's the boutonnière, the bowtie, and the cumberbund. It's the wanton glance, the secret handshake, a time before hanky codes, where one could only rely on magazines behind counters, when there was just the Mattachine Society. Of course, men of all persuasions and women can appreciate this magnificent creation just as well. However, be warned: you will feel not only genteel and well-dressed, but close to the skin, you will also be ripe for seduction.

Talc-like powder, gobs of baby lotion, an animalic hint of rawhide and some dusty roses. While Rose d'Homme's fragrance development keeps me guessing, the easy manner in which it switches gears makes for a smooth if somewhat unexciting ride. It does eventually settle into a cozy fuzzy barbershoppish scent that to my mind whispers 'grandpa' more than it says 'dandy'.

Overall this is a pleasant though not particularly rosy nor masculine scent but nothing to write home about, really. Perhaps men who get all uneasy about rose accords should stay clear of rose fragrances altogether.

Genre: Leather

Rosy leather? Leathery rose? It depends on when in its development I sniff Rose d'Homme. The composition swings slowly back and forth between a sweet, woody rose and spicy, powdery leather, without ever moving decisively in any particular direction. The development is not so much linear as circular.

While it's by no means a dull scent, Rose d'Homme takes fewer risks than many other rose scents that are aimed at men. It does not approach the stark barbarism of Black Aoud, the languid sensuality of Amouage's Lyric, or the aristocratic decadence of Czech & Speake No. 88. Rose d'Homme's aims seem more modest than these, so that it's at once easier to wear and more versatile – an everyday scent rather than a bold olfactory statement.

How sweet it is! I love Rose d'Homme because it is gentle yet masculine. I smell the rose from the beginning, and it softens up to a nice creamy and woody scent. I have gotten many compliments here at work already. Since it is an EDP I only spray three times and that is sufficient.

The rose note is somewhat submerged in this smooth and thoroughly blended composition. What we have is a distant, sweetish, vaguely leathery and milky/lotioney concoction which while charming, dies down to insignificance all too soon. Maybe if the herbal notes had been a bit brighter this might have made a bigger impression.
Received a second sample which had greater staying power and thus gave a better impression of what this perfume was all about; the notes which were vague in my previous paragraph come into focus and the prospect of owning a bottle seems welcome. But what does this say about Rosine – that one must be dependent on any particular batch in order to get lucky?

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