Rose de Taif Eau de Parfum 
Perris Monte Carlo (2013)

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Reviews of Rose de Taif Eau de Parfum by Perris Monte Carlo

I have worn this as my rose scent since it came out. Loved the apparently simplicity with unexpected depths.
As I move back and forth with daily scents,through the years, it has become my 'before bed' scent. A suggestion of a therapist following the insomnia that developed after a trauma. It became my 'safe' and 'sleepy" scent,and I always have a bottle by my bed,a light touch tells my brain to slow down and enjoy the scents.
When I wore it near my 100 year old Grandmother recently and hugged her before bed, she gently grabbed my arm to smell my wrist and said, "you smell just like my mother".
I knew my great-grandmother, she ran a ranch and farm during the Dust Bowl, WW II, and two husbands. Apparently she put rose lotion on her gnarled and arthritic hands every day. Never underestimate scent and to me, this will always be a classic.
Nov 4, 2020

I really wanted to like this one. I love rose solifloras, and this was by all accounts a lovely one. At first sniff, I smelled the wonderful rose everyone else evidently smells, but it was immediately overtaken by an overwhelming lemon-nutmeg accord that, while interesting, doesn't actually smell good to me. It's the same insect repellent/chemical scent that other reviewers have noticed. Maybe my nose is simply not sophisticated enough for this one, but for whatever reason it doesn't appeal. I may try it again later but for now it's a scrubber.
Jul 19, 2018

Love this. I don't get blast of anything other than a little geranium. What I like is that is carries the lightly musty (not musky) quality that roses have after they've been cut and are on Day 2 or 3 in vase. I like that it isn't prettied up into something all girly. Layering it with Tauerville Incense Flash for more drama in the evening.
Dec 1, 2017

Rose de Taif smells exactly like pure rose essence. It manages to maintain this rose aroma for quite a long time and I am impressed with how wonderfully simple it smells. It smells like rose essential oil with a slight dry wood base. I realize there are a couple types of rose here along with lemon, nutmeg, geranium and light musk but these are complimentary to the rose scent which stays light, ethereal and center stage for 6-8 hours. This is the first rose scent that I've tried that is this close to the simple beauty of a live rose flower. White musk at the base adds some dry radiant quality without distraction from the main story. I can easily see why Rose de Taif is the favorite rose perfume for many who have tried it.
Jan 26, 2017

Rose de Taif is a pure rose fragrance. At first spray you get a full blast of pure rose. Then as it dries down you get the geranium and some spiciness. The rose shines throughout the day in this fragrance. I was walking up a flight of stairs this morning and the lady behind me said "I wish the stairs were longer, so I could smell you more." She loved it and when I told her it was "unisex" she asked for the name. Rose de Taif is beautifully put together and lasts and lasts.
Feb 18, 2016

As Perris Monte Carlo is a brand I would normally associate with bling (given the all-gold packaging), this isn't normally the sort of brand I would have even sampled. But having recently read about the Taif rose, I was intrigued and gave it a go.

Rose de Taif in all its simplicity is a rose scent like so many others. Except that this one is so much more. Admittedly the opening seems quite harsh - the lemon/bergamot appear quite medicinal and out of place - yet given time, the rose begins to exude its gloriously sweet (but not gourmand by any means), incensy, dry and resinous composition, caused by the luscious musks in the base and spiced very delicately with the nutmeg. Geranium is listed in the notes pyramid, but its role is very much subdued here - like the disruptive child in the classroom that always sits at the back of the class. The base is wonderfully put together, keeping the rose sweet, woody, resinous and yet still manages to stay strong throughout.

The rose itself isn't very green at all (contract this with Diptyque's L'Ombre Dans L'Eau). I'd say this fragrance compares with a geranium-starved Czech & Speake No. 88. Although, legendary as that fragrance is, there are no associations here with Turkish delight or any other similar rose-scented Middle Eastern drinks or confectionary. The rose is really quite bold, dry, slightly darkened, very delicately sweetened and incredibly bright and strong throughout the scent's progression to the point that one could mistake this fragrance for an Amouage creation.

The scent leaves a very hard and unmistakable trail in the extreme dry down - I can smell it quite vividly on clothes days after application. Rose de Taif (perhaps accentuated by the musks) is a chypre-like quality, meaning this is essentially a floral-chypre.

Superbly put together and worth a full bottle if you are a rose lover. Definite thumb up.
Oct 23, 2015

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