Rose fragrance notes

  • Head

    • neroli
  • Heart

    • rose, mint, geranium
  • Base

    • vetiver, iris, vanilla, sandalwood, musk

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Caron – Rose (1949)

The Caron Rose of seventy years ago is a rich, dense, concentration of Bulgarian, May, and Centifolia oils, according to VintageVogue, the first reviewer on this page. It is to my nose a very green rose, supported by the mint and geranium notes which suggest leaf and stem as well.

I am unable to detect the base notes (vetiver, musk, sandalwood, iris, vanilla), even into the dry down. I am experiencing the extrait of a vintage bottle. It is pretty much a soliflore in my olfactory experience, despite the other notes in its scent tree. Also it registers not as any of the three roses mentioned above, but as a “tea” rose.

It is very strong and long lasting. A little dab is sufficient to create an aura. An excellent rose, not subtle or powdery as others have found. Very much an Ethel Merman of roses, for those who remember the renowned belter of Broadway tunes. An excellent base for layering. In no way unisex, entirely feminine, and for the older woman. Not a day scent, but one for theatre and opera. Again, a little dab will do.
20th September 2019
A bunch of roses greets me right from the beginning: bright and fresh. This is not a brooding and dark rose, but a rose in the sunshine, which is facilitated by a good initial lashing with neroli and a slightly minty undertone.

The actual rose impression on not just that if a flowering rose - the leaves and stems add to the olfactory symphony, and the overall rose composition has a strong green-woodsy undertone, but more green than woodsy on me.

In the base a sweeter development occurs, with vanilla and iris being the main reason.

I get moderate sillage,excellent projection and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

A lovely and bright rose for sunny and warmer spring days and evenings, it has enough variability in the rose and nuances to convince. Not a very complex creation, but not a complete soliflore either, is is crafted very well. 3.25/5.
14th March 2019

Get me right here... this smells good, of quality and worthy of Caron and its fountain extraits. I am also sorry when a classic that has been around for decades is bound to disappear eventually. Yes, Rose is according to the Paris, Boutique Montaigne discontinued. It was also removed from their website. I know that they still have some bottles at the Montaigne Boutique (August 2011), if you want to stock up on it.
I think this is not unique and outstanding enough next to N'aimez que moi or Or et Noir. Losing rose means to lose components that are there in both the other fountain extraits. Rose is fairly pretty and and next to Acaciosa one of the fountain extraits for girlies at heart.
20th August 2011
A truly beautiful scent, which I love - I have the extrait, which does last well on my skin. The EdP doesn't have great longevity for me, but it's just as lovely while it lasts. The perfect scent when I want to feel romantic and ethereal! The drydown is similar to Or et Noir, as others have noted, but the Rose extrait prolongs the rose top and middle notes so that is what I mainly get. Subtle hints of mint and geranium stop it from being just a soliflore, and the perfume blends well with my usual rose soap and body lotion. I will always want to have this fragrance in my collection.
11th May 2011
I agree, similar to or et noir, but fresher. it seems rose is the fresh dewy bouquet of roses gathered in the morning, or et noir seems the same bouquet after your put it in a little vase and the roses start warming up, added a scent of roses when they start getting too warm and have this kind of sweetish overwhelming smell of sth overlived
19th January 2008
(edp) a warm & dusky, rich rose.. w/ great blend of geranium, iris & vanilla(all subtle) that makes it slightly spicy, sweet & powdery. doesn't lose the rose note. glamorous & cozy at the same time. Love! I agree that it dries down very similar to Or et Noir.
2nd December 2007
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