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D.S. & Durga (2016)

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Rose Atlantic by D.S. & Durga

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Rose Atlantic is a shared scent launched in 2016 by D.S. & Durga

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Reviews of Rose Atlantic by D.S. & Durga

There are 3 reviews of Rose Atlantic by D.S. & Durga.

During 2009-10 I regularly wore Chanel’s Egoiste. I loved how the tangerine, rose, and rosewood in Egoiste’s top and heart smelled together, but I always eventually became frustrated by the sweet vanilla and sandalwood that over-powered them in its dry down.

Rose Atlantic has given me everything I loved about Egoiste without the aspects that annoyed me.

Rose Atlantic opens with a soft, lush citrus that includes at least a little bit of mandarin peel and tangerine. This is very quickly followed by a small, moist rose, along with an old, dry piece of rosewood, which together last around ten hours on my skin.

To my nose, Rose Atlantic is not at all oceanic. There is no brininess, and the dry grass and moss are tricking my brain into thinking that I am smelling old, dry rosewood.

Rose Atlantic sits close to the skin and remains much the same over its ten hours of life.

Rose Atlantic is a quiet, personal pleasure.

First off, I like the name - it conjures up a certain feel for me, and is the reason I first tried it. I'’ve sampled many other fragrances for the same reason that didn't pan out, but Rose Atlantic did. It'’s a light, fresh sea-air rose, delicate, subtle and long-lasting. It has a windswept smell you envision in shore dunes. The sea air isn't marine - seaweed and wet tide - but dune grass and salt spray.

It has a nice bright light bergamot and lemon beginning, airy and fresh, that easily transitions into a linden and rose, dry grass and sand smell. In the first minute, I smell a slight note of stone fruit - apricot or peach - that quickly dissipates, but has kind of a juicy feel while it's there. The flower petal notes make the opening less strictly eau de cologne fresh.

When the opening notes dry off, I smell a subtle mix of Linden and what is called a ‘salt spray rose accord' - a dryish light rose with plenty of air and the driftwood-like tone of dune grass. I like the fact that this rose fragrance isn't really a rose showcase at all, but the experience of being on dunes when flowers are blooming, the prominent one of which is the seaside rose. Rose Atlantic is evocative of place, but it'’s able to make it credible and pleasant to wear.

This is a subtle fragrance I'’m considering as a travel fragrance. It’s neutral enough for airplanes, airports and hotels, and has no aldehydes or powder. If anyone bumped up against your aura or person, they would be met with a slight rose sea-air fragranced skin scent, which is the volume I would like to meet stranger'’s fragrances while traveling.

Lastly, it isn't the very popular pale vanilla and musk confection type fragrance. It has no sugar accords, no musk, no powder, so even though light and lovely, it will still feel somewhat leaner than the vanilla fragrances we’ve grown accustomed to. Long-lasting but a skin scent for half its life.

Bottled Atlantic coastline.

I'm a native of Virginia Beach but no longer live there, so for years I was on the hunt for a scent to quench my nostalgia for the smell of the sea. On my skin, the bright pink tea rose only lingers for the first 30 minutes or so, which is fine because the brambles tucked in behind low dunes were mostly full of confederate jasmine and honeysuckle, not roses.

The heart of this perfume is a hyper-realistic impression of salty air, coarse sand, and sun-bleached wood. I immediately recall lifting sandy seashells to my nose and inhaling; there's a mineral, briny quality to Rose Atlantic that triggers memories of strolling the vacant coastline in early April. The air is crisp, sans any humidity, and the sky is clear and cloudless.

This is not a beachy perfume in the sense of warm, well-oiled bodies browning in the hot sun. DS Durga has captured the essence of the ocean, from the salt spray to the Loblolly pines dripping with Spanish moss. This perfume is linear, and has the characteristic poise and restraint of the other DS Durgas I've owned/sampled. Lamentably expensive, but available discounted online, and a lovely reminder of a life I once lived and often long for.

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