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Atelier Cologne (2012)

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Rose Anonyme by Atelier Cologne

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Rose Anonyme is a shared scent launched in 2012 by Atelier Cologne

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Reviews of Rose Anonyme by Atelier Cologne

There are 27 reviews of Rose Anonyme by Atelier Cologne.

On me, this is a very sweet scent. The rose comes through early on, but fades long before the patchouli. I don't love that all I'm left with is patchouli for most of the wear time. I liked it enough to use up 7.5mL, but won't be re-purchasing.

Rose-oud combo perfumes are all out there in the market. Sometimes i feel tired of wanting to hunt those perfumes with these compositions. Rose Anonyme is not as opulent and strong as other fragrances from this category, buy it is not a bad scent at all. It feels like a oriental prince vision/feeling: spiritual & wise, whos nobility comes from his sprit, not blood lineage.

Rose Anonyme begins with a sharp, candyish wave of sweetness that quickly settles darkly into the titular turkish rose and agarwood pairing. Somehow even with the framing of the dessert notes and the roses, the agarwood binds the scent together with it's dusky seriousness to create an effect that lends just barely on the male side of the unisex line. It gets more and more sweet. However compared with Oud Bouquet, clearly is less sweet. The patchouli, ginger and amber are support notes, they seat a few steps behind the rose and woods, they work projecting accord. Good performance.

So, initially when I sniffed this cologne from the bottle, I liked it. And after initial application some 7 hours back, I sorta liked it. Here I am now, nearly 8 hours post-application and I'm starting to wonder if this fragrance will ever wear off, or dissipate.

Rose Anonyme starts off with a stinging, almost harsh opening of bergamot and ginger, the kind of opening that nearly makes one sneeze. That's okay 'cause within seconds, a beautiful, full, dark Turkish rose note appears, quickly joined by something I can only describe as herbal, woodsy, or balsamic...the oud?

Perhaps it is the emergent and ever-present olibanum and oud that do it; however after a while, I found this cologne to be nearly choking...almost cloying. Another reviewer mentioned "patchouli" as the note giving Rose Anonyme its "green" fragrance; and green fragrance notes are those of which I am not fond. However, in my life, I've never smelled patchouli to be quite so balsamic or "green." Seems like no matter how hard I tried, after some time all I could smell was balsam...probably oud.

Several hours in, I began smelling like the old, original green "Clairoil Herbal Essence Shampoo." Silage with Rose Anonyme is high, longevity is beyond...cannot imagine the extrait, which apparently packs even more of a punch than the cologne.

As an aside, I absolutely adore Frederic Malle "Portrait of a Lady." One reviewer experienced Rose Anonyme as a fragrance one might appreciate if they favor Portrait of a Lady. Sadly, this was not my experience with Rose Anonyme.

I like the Turkish rose notes in this cologne a lot. I just wish the Turkish rose, incense, patchouli and papyrus developed more thoroughly on me than the woodsy, earthy oud.

While nice enough, I'm afraid I'm giving this one a huge pass.

The rose arrives from the start and is combines with bergamot, whiffs of ginger and hesperidic touches. It is quite a bright rose, a rose of good quality but also a very restrained rose.

The drydown is characterised by the addition of a soft and rather weak oud, and a smooth incense that is blended in smoothly without any dominant balsamic or medicinal features, but an underlying soapiness is noticeable.

The base adds a nice benzoin, that is given added depth by a smooth and not really dark patchouli. Again this is a restrained patchouli that lacks any harshness or edges.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

As a rose scent this spring scent is expressing too weak a rose note to convince - the rose is not only anonyme, but also faible. The rest is agreeable. 2.75/5.

It smells of soap, right from the start. It is a nice, spicy rose soap. It's delicate and smooth. The ginger is muted. The top notes flow into the heart notes with ease. Rose here, is delicate in the middle. It doesn't seem to have any different characteristics than at first application. Incense and oud are also muted, for me.

Still, the soapiness remains. Unfortunately, not much else changes for me. I get the slightest hint of patchouli. Even that, is muted. I like my rose & oud perfumes with more loudness, so my opinion, my take on this, is obviously the minority. If one wants a softer take on rose & oud, then this is for you.

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