Rosa / Rose fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Freesia, Geranium, Violet
  • Heart

    • Damask rose, Jasmine
  • Base

    • White moss

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Violet leaves (musky, dark and presenceful in its role of co-star) and "haunting" rose mastering a musky vegetal "victorian in style" rich floral bouquet. I don't get in particular jasmine. Freesia and geranium provide structure, assertiveness, "leafiness" and hints of greenness. Incredibly well appointed fragrance for its cheap cost. Sweetness is absolutely balanced. Rose increases gradually its presence along the way. L'Erbolario Rose is a languid super-floral creation really poetic and refined (exuding a deep sense of soapy cleanliness and measured timeless class). Longevity and projection are impressive on my skin. A resolute thumbs up by me.
20th February 2021
An old, traditional, elegant, English rose. The queen in its splendor.
21st December 2019

Now this is a roseThis is one of my favorite perfumes. I love the smell of roses and Rosa Acqua de Profumo by L'Erbolario is as close to a rose in a bottle as I've encountered. Unfortunately, Italy's L'Erbolario isn't on sale in the USA. You have to order it online from a place like and they won't ship to California. There's a brighter floral in the perfume, perhaps gardenia, and a very subtle base, but together they only make the rose smell rosier. It's a sweet perfume, but not cloying. In short, if you want to smell like a rose garden (which I occasionally do), I can recommend Rosa highly.Pros: A rose in a bottleCons: One spritz goes a long way"
29th September 2013