Rolling in Love 
By Kilian (2019)

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Reviews of Rolling in Love by By Kilian

There are 4 reviews of Rolling in Love by By Kilian.

A bright and slightly sweet opening that is laden with iris, an iris that is only minimally powdery on me.

In the drydown an impression of almond mild is notable, with moderate sweetness; whiffs of fizz are also present. In the background hovers a tuberose, that is quite bright too and expresses only a minimum of waxy or indolic characteristics on me. A lipstick-like undertone is attached to the tuberose too.

Towards the end an influx of white musks - with some tonka in the backgound - is evident.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

A positive scent for warmer spring days, which is proudly chemically-synthetic, with an attempt to be original but is a very linear manner, hence lacking development that would entice. 2.75/5.
Sep 25, 2021

She decked in fine jewellery and showing off her elegant pins in black stockings with a hint of lacy black stocking top and a gorgeous dress,dining somewhere elegant,only to look across the street and every that crass looking girl with her totaled, laughing with her mouth wide-opened and showing all her teeth.Mascara smudged under her heels kicked off and seated cross-legged in the pizza joint.Licking sause off her fingers.and simply exuding confident sex appeal.

Very pleasant and wearable powdery iris,almond,fairly linear after the scent has bloomed.The outstanding note is a fresh and dewy iris,tuberose that mingles beautifully with the milky the dry down the tonka,vanilla gives it some light sweetness but it's not extremely sweet cherry almond that you can find in many other breathtakingly gorgeous when layered.A bit lipsticky that bright warm red colour is just right.feels like something from the sixties and seventies.makes you think of sitting under a canopy of grape vines.

It doesn't scream "Here I am"it just softly wafts around you.the iris has a soapy quality rather than buttery and i like not even remotely unisex.this is feminine,cozy with niche quality.this is beautifully constructed and not overly powdery.suitable for a night of lust-filled adventure,pizza,and deep conversation.and then you'll walk away into the night,leaving a lifetime of musk tinged memories not mundane commitment.
Sillage is nice but it doesn't a super long time on my skin.
Jun 4, 2020

Smells great, but I prefer this on my wife. Leans more fem to me. Similar to Burberry Brit for her but this is a bit darker and more smoldering. They both share sweet almond and musk notes.

It's sweet, floral and clean all at the same time. The deep dry down is more just the clean notes, comes off like a nice dryer sheet with a tiny bit of florals leftover.

I get 8-9 hours longevity with good projection on low sprays, so be cautious.
Feb 15, 2020

The relatively new By Kilian Rolling in Love is delightful, a sort of sweet, creamy, semi-powdery floral. The “key notes” listed on the Kilian website seem reasonable and speak to the descriptors: almond milk, iris, and musk. Beyond those, there's freesia, vanilla, and tonka, which mostly support the floral/powdery/creamy/sweet breakdown.

Rolling in Love strikes me as being marketed toward women but surely men who enjoy sweet and floral scents–though this isn't overwhelmingly either–it's a neat option, as it is for me. It doesn't evolve much, as it frankly doesn't open up all that sharply: it has a good balance among the various elements–especially the main three–from opening to dry down.

Interestingly enough, its retail pricing (at Saks, Nordstrom, etc.) is $240 for its standard 50ml refillable bottle, and this is cheaper than the retail for pretty much any other fragrance in the Kilian catalogue. It's quite unusual for a new release to be priced below the rest of the pack.

This might be due to the main drawback of Rolling in Love, which is that it's not strikingly daring or unique, but rather, agreeable and familiar, but many are looking for the latter, for them, it'll work well, especially for women of all ages, I'd say. Personally, I'd like a decant of this, but as it's a “like” not a “love” overall for me, I don't need a bottle. Surely worthy of sampling by all, though, as it holds the balance well among the florals and gourmand notes.

7 out of 10
Oct 10, 2019

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