Rock Princess fragrance notes

  • Head

    • white peach, red raspberry, bergamot
  • Heart

    • heliotrope, rose, jasmine, lily
  • Base

    • cashmere woods, iris, coconut

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When I first tried this I was immediately reminded of a boyfriend's perfume. I agree that it should have been a masculine scent. I did not keep it on long enough to see it evolve, but judging by the unsophisticated scents of its previous iterations I don't think I could have expected much.
13th June 2019
This to me smells like cocoa butter or shea butter. I don't hate it but not sure I will be keeping this (recent purchase). I really do not smell raspberry but the top last for maybe 1 min and then it's alllll base notes. The iris and heliotrope stand out there so does the coconut - which is where that beach suntan lotion smell comes from I believe. Preppy princess has "coconut water" but it does not come through in that scent like this one. NOT long lasting as are any of hers I am finding
16th July 2016

I think the ladies reviewing this negatively could be because I think this should have been a masculine scent!

Please let me know your thoughts!
8th September 2012
MUZAK PRINCESS would perhaps be a more apt name for ROCK PRINCESS, as it is quite clear that the perfume police have been exerting their mediocritizing influence behind the scenes chez Vera Wang. It's a bit hard to say what precisely ROCK PRINCESS is a faint shadow of, but I'd venture to say something between Jesus del Pozo IN BLACK and LOLITA LEMPICKA. Whatever the ostensible notes of this composition are purported to be, what I smell is a weak and flimsy, lightly licorice-laced solution, approximating the result one would obtain by soaking a rope of artificially flavored licorice in a liter of water for a couple of hours. The solution would be tinged gray, thus matching the glass of the bottle in which it is housed–to my mind, the sole aesthetic virtue of this entire ill-fated flanker production–and it would retain a smattering of the taste of licorice. But would anyone really want to drink it?

The real question, even mystery, in all of this is: why? ROCK PRINCESS is so obviously synthetic (along with its namesake, and now, induction suggests, probably the others as well) that making a stronger solution would hardly have been cost prohibitive. Hence my inference to the best explanation: there must have been an intervention by a member of the undercover perfume police corps. (Or was it just the FDA?)
17th August 2011
I was pressured by a sales assistant into trying this fragrance because she thought it would suit me. I must admit that I was actually offended that she would suggest me sweet and candy-like fragrances based purely upon my young age.

I might be 18, but this fragrance certainly does not have me hooked. It's not like it's an unpleasant fragrance, because it's not, however the older I become the more I distance myself from 'teen' scents.

Like a reviewer mentioned below, this isn't the fragrance for a rock chick. It's more suited to a young girl with a love for sweet, flirtatious and innocent smells.

It's flowery, it's sugary and it's definitely not for me.

The lasting power is so-so, however try layering it with the matching body lotion, I saw a slight improvement with the scent and the lasting strength when I layered the two.

3rd June 2011
A flanker for sure but I have not smelled Princess so I won't be making any comparisons. Rock Princess could probably hang out with John Varvatos Rock Volume 1, though.Rock Princess starts of very fruity and later turns dark with a dominant raspberry note. A sparse floral heart is very open and inviting, lightening up the fragrance. The drydown leaves you with an odd fresh, clean feeling with clear woods and a light musk. Weird how the fragrance envoked the opposite of the marketing. "Dark and sultry", well that was the opening but the end was more of a "just took a relaxing bubble bath". Honestly, the new Avril Lavigne fragrance ended up what Rock Princess wanted to be. Still a nice fragrance.
5th December 2009