Rock 'n Rose fragrance notes

  • Head

    • blackcurrant, bergamot, green note
  • Heart

    • muguet, gardenia, orange blossom, rose
  • Base

    • heliotrope, sandalwood, musk, orris, vanilla

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Latest Reviews of Rock 'n Rose

A pleasant feminine rose fragrance: The rose note is not one of those big roses… it is soft and sweet and pretty. In the opening it is sweetened with the sharp-sweet fruitiness of blackcurrent. In the heart accord, what further softens the rose note is a light floral bouquet of lily of the valley, orange blossom, and heliotrope.

Nice base, but quite standard: sandalwood, musk, orris, vanilla. I'm not sure I smell the sandalwood. The musk and vanilla are not overly sweet and the orris is just a bit powdery.

Rock ‘n Rose is not original; it has a light, appropriate sillage, lasts well, and is youthfully charming. A somewhat weak thumb's up.
28th July 2016
Another romantic fragrance by Valentino.the scent consits of rose with slight indications of other interesting flowers.the rose makes it delicate and sweet smell without being overwhelming.fresh,lively, fantasy, irresistible,pleasant,soft and young.

Rock 'n Rose blends bergamot and black currant in a sheer floral, beautiful feminine bouquets of rose, gardenia and orange blossom makes it sweet scent by hints of vanilla in the base fact musk and vanilla bring emotion to this modern scent for a combination that is seductive and romantic.

it is like a candy that has much flavor but not heavy and makes feel near at the romantic moments. perfect for intimate wear.suitable for spring/ autumn.If you want something that is lovely and cute but not a unique floral you can not go wrong with this Valentino EDP.
24th June 2015

The interaction of tart citrus, rose and blackcurrant is effectively a bit "strawberrish-violety" and anyway feminine and light. This one seems a fresh and almost astringent decent summery scent. There is some greenness around and the dry down tends to become smoother with a soft woodsy bed made by amber and musk. Acceptable and decent for sure.
25th November 2012
A very feminine and beautiful scent for the summer!
13th March 2011
Valentino's Rock 'n Rose is deliciously sexy it opens with a blast of Black current and sparkling bergamot dries with
a sweetness of gardenia with edgings of orange blossoms Heliotrope adds to the candy chewing gum kind of scent it has a cloying texture I don't smell any evidence of Lily-of-the-Valley in this i don't seem
to detect it there's a nice diluted rose
note that dries the middle section.

I like the vanilla drydown not too sweet
with a musky overtones.

I don't seem this as edgy feminine yes
it's more girlish then edgy I love the color combination it has an 1950's Parisian feel very chic.
3rd December 2010
Right from the start I get currant, rose, and whatever that 'green note' is. After 15 or 20 minutes it tones down to a more powdered rose and begins to reveal the heliotrope and sandalwood. The florals in the heart bolster the rose a bit but barely make themselves known. Though Rock 'n Rose isn't long lasting or powerful it does make a feature of rose and heliotrope, scent notes to which I am very partial. Smells great on my GF, so it's a keeper.
14th June 2010
I found this fragrance smells like powder and roses. The rose note is not strong, ot is very mild to my nose. This perfume is very light and airy. I can't detect any of the other notes once this is on my skin. Rock n Rose is very delicate, soft and feminine. The rose note is soft and is not overpowering at all. This is a very pretty fragrance, I like it.
15th November 2009
The rose in this one is what dominates my nostrils -- as soon as I spray it on, it overwhelms me, making me think I'll never want to try a rose-scented perfume again... then, a few minutes later, it's lovely -- not too "garden-y", but nice and lovely and young. And then, it disappears completely.Unfortunately, the rose is all that this perfume really offers to me. If it had more personality, and if that middle tone lasted longer, I would buy this perfume and wear it regularly.It is a safe scent, and I find it nice when other girls wear it.
24th September 2009
I rec'd a bottle of Rock 'n Rose as a gift. At first sniff it reminded me a little of Champs Elysees, but soon a green note appeared.Then it became more rose-floral, with just the right touch of gardenia. Very elegant so far, and no harsh or plastic or fruit notes. It is rather light and not overly sweet or too feminine. Just pleasing. I think it does make a nice safe scented gift! The base is a blend of sandalwood ambery musk, which is very mellow. This is a nice scent. as for the rock 'n roll hint in the name, I suppose the green note is the edgy note, especially as it blends with the bergamot. This works great in cold weather, as it's a warm rosy scent.
8th October 2008
Generally, the perfume is an acceptable perfume rather than a sophisticated one.It is a Floral - Rose Violet type of perfume.At the beginning, the scent is very rosy, light, and fresh. Then, when the base notes come out, the scent becomes more soft and romantic. Personally I wasn't enjoying the rosy scent and I think the second part is better. The best thing I could say about it is that it is ‘nice', but it is not that special. I think there are more unique and tasteful perfumes out there. Also the perfume's longevity is disappointingly weak. It is probably suitable for those who like very light perfumes. However, it is definitely not recommended for those who like rich, heavy, and long-lasting perfumes.
28th May 2008
Considering its name, the rose scent isnt dominant in this fragrance. But its young and fresher than Stella and is a pretty smell. I wanted like this one but its too bland to be something I'd spend money on.
28th December 2007
It's very young and fresh, thats much is true. It's also very boring and quite bland.
23rd December 2007