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Roccobarocco by Roccobarocco

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Roccobarocco is a men's fragrance launched in 1989 by Roccobarocco

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Reviews of Roccobarocco by Roccobarocco

There are 3 reviews of Roccobarocco by Roccobarocco.

Here we have a juggernaut of its time, treading the line between the rugged and suave, like a well-dressed gent with a handsome face but with a "bad boy" edge. Clean from afar, a bit dirty, greasy, rough around the edges up close, but drawing you in further.

Roccobarocco Pour Homme EDT is where the oakmoss is singed and smart-assed, the backside of cigarette ash nightlife debauchery is revealed, with a head shop incense and sweet skank wafting ever so slightly from these forbidden quarters. It is a true fougere-chypre hybrid: a foupre? No, that doesn't sound right. A chygere, perhaps? It's that leather and labdanum, oily, slick, tousled, dark character dueling with a clean, soapy, proper, stiff upper lip, The tension is so thick but oh so seductive.

I love this sweet spot in men's fragrance. It's been said that it reflected the toxic masculinity of the time. Really though? Is that where we choose to go with this? Replace "toxic" with "sensual," if you please, and that will change the tenor of the conversation. Every robust, stoic facade in truth has a softer, vulnerable side. That's how I perceive the scents of that era, and Roccobarocco PH is at its apex.

old style "stuffy" aroma.
I submit here the review about the fragrance Roccobarocco by Roccobarocco for women, a discontinued very rich old style mossy/chypre a la Diva Ungaro, Fendi, K Krizia, Van Cleef, Dali for women, Gianni Versace by Gianni Versace (and conjuring me more than vaguely some Youth Dew's nuances), with huge amount of oakmoss, musks, spices, hesperides, balsams and probably castoreum as a cushion for a variegated bunch of flowers (rose-jasmine-tuberose for sure). Probably a well modulated hint of aldehydes is appointed in the blend. The smell is all about ripe fruits (peaches, plums, apricot??), liquor, earth, intense floral notes, enigmatic spices and musks. The aroma is forbidding, aristocratic, cultured and almost mouldy/stuffy, like the olfactory ghost of a dark "laced" lady at ceremony in an aristocratic roman building back in the eighteens. I detect earthy patchouli, a basic sandalwood and herbal undertones. Mysterious, elevated and surely vintage in style. Exclusively for mature women.
P.S: finally tested on skin vintage Roccobarocco Pour Homme edt; whatta giant, a super sophisticated soapy/barbershop animalic chypre (conceptually and in part structurally) a la Oleg Cassini for men, Punjab Capucci, Captain de Molyneux, Monsieur Rochas, Balenciaga Portos, Paco Rabanne Pour Homme.

old style fougere, this says it all

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