Roasted Green Tea fragrance notes

  • Head

    • coconut, peanut, japanese green tea
  • Heart

    • jasmine, mint, winter green
  • Base

    • iris, cedarwood, vanilla, clover

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Latest Reviews of Roasted Green Tea

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I finally have found my green tea scent! This is a true, nearly photorealistic green tea scent with the perfect hint of roasted rice poking through to make this recognizable as genmaicha. I've been searching for my ideal green tea scent the last two months and most had either too much creaminess or too much lemon added in with more of a powdered matcha rather than green tea but this one has completely blown me away with how spot on and beautiful it is!

This would be especially ideal during the spring or hot summer days but is equally lovely, though less sillage, on cold days.
17th January 2023
Test Notes:

furrypine mentioned the peanut making no sense, but I have a thread to connect the dots there. To me, this smells like green tea ice cream, the kind that comes in a little ball, and it's been rolled in a powder of crushed peanuts and dried coconut. Just like that. The jasmine and mint start to overtake the ice cream-like opening in about 10 minutes. Within about 15 minutes, vanilla starts to peek out as the top notes begin to fade. Pleasant enough, but doesn't move me so far. It definitely reminds me of walking into an ice cream parlor.
24th August 2020

Lovely green tea that is gone too soon. Nice sparkly mint that sinks into a muddled base. The peanut makes no sense.
22nd June 2019