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Cartier (2009)

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Roadster Sport by Cartier

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Roadster Sport is a men's fragrance launched in 2009 by Cartier

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Reviews of Roadster Sport by Cartier

There are 23 reviews of Roadster Sport by Cartier.

This unlikely sport flanker to the obscure Cartier Roadster (2008) is a similar tale of anachronistic design with slightly modern edges (for the time), featuring the main accord of Roadster twisted into an older form of "sport" not seen since the sport flankers of the 80's. As with older long-dead sport flankers like Antaeus Sport (1985) or Kouros Eau de Sport (1986), Cartier Roadster Sport (2009) is a lightening and smoothing of the pillar scent's primary facets, meaning rather than being an entirely different or semi-related scent, Cartier Roadster Sport is a "sporty" reinterpretation of the original Roadster. This is a concept for making sport flankers that died 30 years before this saw light, primarily because of the redundancy it tends to cause in a scent range (people often don't see a big enough difference), but here is Mathilde Laurent bringing it back for a range that was seemingly custom-tailored for a more mature audience. I mean, who else is affording Roadster watches these days? Like the original Roadster, nobody in the US saw this at retail, and it languished in discounter Hell for a decade before finally being discontinued. Oh well. The ultra-narrow appeal of a vintage-style sport fragrance for an already vintage-style masculine line ought to have been known upon conception, but maybe Cartier let Laurent make her Antaeus (1981) for consigning her to a lifetime of flankers for Cartier's more prodigious lines.

The results of this lightening sees the removal of mint and vanilla, two very strong and for some, overpowering aspects of the original. In their place, we see more citrus and herbs serving similar roles as the mint, while the base is augmented with black pepper and Iso E Super. The opening is bergamot, dry mandarin, and neroli, but the neroli is not allowed to be sweet thanks to an immediate pairing with clary sage. The heart of rosemary, slightly minty geranium, and guaiac wood emulates the crispness of the mint from the original Roadster but in a more effervescent form. The patchouli, Iso E Super, and black pepper in the base keep the scent green and piquant, with a transparency which reminds me of Jean-Claude Ellena's work in Terre d'Hermès (2006). Indeed, Cartier Roadster Sport feels "sportier" in that it's bound to be less cloying under sweat, and lighter on its feet in hot weather, like sport fragrances were originally designed to be before they became an aesthetic statement. Cartier Roadster Sport really feels like an "eau" in design and wear, coming across like a Patou-era Lacoste fragrance in lightness, yet also persistent presence. Wear time is eight hours but sillage is moderate and projection trails off in an hour, but you expect that from a scent like this. A pleasant woodsy aura is the bulk of what you'll catch wisps of during your wear time. Best use is spring and summer for you guessed it... outdoors.

Between the pair, I think the original Roadster is more versatile, but the sport iteration better for fans of old-school chypre reinterpretations, as this is all but a chypre in style (no oakmoss or labdanum for the vintage purists), or just people who don't like mint. Like Roadster, this sport flanker was only really pushed in Europe, and I can see why: America and China favor the bleeding edge of current mainstream trends with regards to fashion (which includes perfume), and anything "old-school" by design could also be dismissed by fashionistas as "dated", while countries like Saudi Arabia and Oman have enough of their own deep-rooted perfume culture not to want something so ostensibly French as a transparent herbal sport scent. Prices are creeping up in the aftermarket and supplies dwindling after a decade in discounters, so if you're curious about Roadster Sport, don't sleep on this one (unless it's already too late), since it'll end up like other discontinued Cartiers once fear of missing out gets capitalized on by the usual "investment" types on eBay. Although, you should also bear in mind this is a strictly faithful exercise in erstwhile sport "eau" design with industry-approved materials that you'll need an appreciation of vintage scents and tolerance for modern aromachemicals to "get". If so, Cartier Roadster Sport may be the ride for you. Thumbs up.

Almost as horrendous as Burberry Weekend but not quite. Starts off with a typical Lysol/Pine-Sol citrus toilet or floor cleaner vibe. Then, unlike Weekend, it mercifully quits about 20 minutes in. That is, it dies down to essentially nothing within the hour.

That's it, no more analysis needed. Toilet bowl cleaner then nothing. I save this one (along with Weekend) for freshening the cat box and any dirty plastic trash cans that need it. I do not use it, nor would I recommend it, as a fragrance to actually put on a living creature.

Very pleasant Roadster flanker, though it seems to differ significantly from its forbearer.

A check box fragrance that successfully fills in the requisite "sport" elements: lighter, fresher, tangy, and more suited for active / warm weather wear.

I miss the mint that was a soothing, logical part of the original Roadster. Granted, this flanker has a firm commitment to forge the path of a "sport" alternative to the more universal original.

Nonetheless, this one tends to feel distinctly different, containing notes that paint a different picture on purpose. Whether you like / dislike the original, I'd say check this "sport" version out and expect to experience a rebooted flanker that barely resembles the original.

Very fresh and citrusy in the opening. There's no mint in the opening or drydown, which is a big part of the original Roadster, so they do come off quite differently. It's more spice and dry woods after the opening.

Projection is average but I can still smell the drydown after a full work day, so good marks for longevity.

Definitely a casual scent.

Roadster Sport doesn't remind me too much of the original other than for a a brief moment in the opening when I get a flash of something resembling mint. This is a much more subtle fragrance and for some, it may come across as bland. To me it is a grassy, mildly herbal scent mostly dominated by rosemary, lime, and orange flower. There's also something of a cold, bitter edge to it, but not in any extreme, dominating way, just enough to give it a cool feeling. I think Roadster Sport is nice and pleasant, but it's not anything that's going to wow you or feel particularly special. The original Roadster makes much more of an immediate and lasting impact. At the same time, the original also suffers from a few awkward moments and missteps while this version does not. In that regard, Sport is well-composed and put together, achieving its mildly pleasing effect rather effortlessly. I'm sort of neutral toward this, but definitely neutral leaning in a positive direction. It seems like the kind of scent that I may appreciate more with time and several wears. As of now, it's just kind of cool and grassy, slightly herbal and bitter while coming across nice and pleasant. Also, on the positive side, there's nothing that screams "SPORT" about this. It doesn't possess any of the sterotypical "sporty" blue and aquatic fresh qualities that often plague sport flankers, so kudos to Cartier for not going that route at least. Projection is on the reserved side of moderate and longevity is about an average 6 hours. Roadster Sport reminds me of the now discontinued Essenza de Zegna, dialed down a notch, but similar as far as its grassy, herbal quality is concerned.

this was a blind buy because of a review on youtube. my bad ,i should of this is a sport frag that smells similar to many others.i get some green in there that slightly separates it from many others.roadster sport smells really nice though i have to admit.roadster sport is a nice welcoming addition to my roster...

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