Mendittorosa (2017)

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Rituals of ancient cultures. Myths, symbols, religions hidden in one perfume. Heady narcissus like rich golden nectar. Red explosion of emotions. Distillation of time. Everlasting sunrise. Rituale is perfumed blessing for your daily rituals, prayer whispering on your skin. Caring, wrapping balsam. It is your inner temple. Perfumes normally follow the wind while Rituale goes against the wind. It comes and never goes away. Bless your day, create your own ritual.

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The spicy Roman Catholic incense of my childhood, the sweaty patchouli of my youth, the hippie nag champa and cleansing white sage of more recent years; the incenses which have enveloped myriad moments of contemplation throughout my life - all are here in Rituale, full in texture and rich with high quality ingredients, beautifully blended.
One of the finest frags in my collection.
Jan 6, 2019

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