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Rimbaud by Céline

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Rimbaud is a shared scent launched in 2022 by Céline

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Reviews of Rimbaud by Céline

There are 2 reviews of Rimbaud by Céline.

Rimbaud is a truly in a classic style scent. Delicate compared to most modern, off the shelf stuff. A aromatic lavender, lifted and softened by sweet vanilla but in no way cloying or sickening. Perfectly balanced and ungendered. In fact, aromatic lavender, iris and vanilla are the three components.

The Lavender opening is soft and quickly enveloped by a creamy non-sweet vanilla note that cordially settles onto an equally good and not-too-powdery iris cloud that recycles the entire three note ensemble noticeably for a good hour or more and then you will get a hint of it yourself only; but others are well aware of it should they get close enough. They will inevitably move closer to you to get more of what you're carrying.

Very refreshing if applied liberally or reapplied within 10-15 minutes of 1st application (layering increases the scent's projection and longevity). The key is to spray very close to the skin (about 1") to stack the scent. Despite it's naturalism, this is a great fragrance to wear in the cold, grey city.

Basically, it opens up with citruses, to reveal a slightly salty, powdery vanilla-ish lavender. Really gorgeous, subdued fragrance, it doesn't scream at all. This is by all means a beautiful creation, but i can see how it can be "boring" to some people. Still, there is a really quiet beauty about this. I would not mind getting a 50 or 75ml bottle, if Celine would think about making those sizes. This is easily unisex btw, any man can wear this, it has a gentle side to it, but very comforting.

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