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Under the searing gaze of an unrelenting sun, the ornery rhinoceros surveys his dusty territory. A tough, battered hide is his armour against the erosive onslaught of sand, whipped into a frenzy by a hot, merciless wind, as he stands strong, defending his domain. On the first spray of Zoologist Rhinoceros, heady notes of sweet rum and whiskey collide with mellow coffee before the scent settles into its lingering journey. Rich leather, oud and incense are carried in a cloud of smoky red tobacco along a dusty amber path, dotted with hints of patchouli and moss. Rhinoceros is a sophisticated and robust scent that makes a bold, unapologetic statement. Go forth and explore your world. Don’t ask permission.

Rhinoceros (2020) fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Pink Pepper, Whiskey, Coffee, Rum, Basil
  • Heart

    • Leather, Incense, Tobacco Absolute, Flouve, Ylang Ylang
  • Base

    • Laos Oud, Patchouli, Nargamotha, Oakmoss, Amber

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The opening is a blast of whisky, bitter raisins, and green undertones. Then little by little a dense hay accord makes its presence known, with a bit of coffee and oud. The oud here is not fecal, and actually works more as an supporting role than a main player. Eventually, the hay transcends into a nice tobacco leaf that I find extremely pleasant. It reminds me of a better constructed and more polished Les Jeux sont Faits. A bit darker, drier, with a chocolatey incensy flavour underneath, quite enjoyable compared to other Zoologist offerings. The dry down is all about tobacco leaf, leather, amber and moss with a touch of castoreum. Good stuff, but not something I would ever purchase due to its thickness and strength.
9th June 2023
While the oud note in this fragrance may make it challenging to wear, as it enters the mid and drydown stages, the sweetness from the whisky and tobacco start to solidify, and the oud and cypriol oil fade into the background. Although I wasn't a fan of the opening, the drydown is pleasant. If you're a tobacco fan, this scent is worth sampling. It's not my favourite from Zoologist, but I can see others really enjoying it during the fall and winter months.
30th April 2023

When you sniff the air in and around the rhino pens at the zoo, it’s really not all that bad. It’s just a bunch of vegetation and stuff, right? Sure it is.

It’s actually very uplifting and—dare I say—pleasant?

Well, they have definitely captured said aroma here. And if in fact I had forgotten exactly how the aforementioned pens smelled until sampling Rhinoceros, then I’m set straight now.

Though that may well be begging the question, I think this one’s worth a shot regardless.
1st October 2022
Prin Lomros rendition of Rhinoceros is artistic brilliance. This is Rhino! It smells dark and dusky, a brown/black tone with a cold clay layer dried over soft rough folds of leather. The impression of dried mud and trampled grasses mix with a slight patchouli patina. There is a dried leafy aspect that is like exotic tobacco or a woody tea like Rooibos or Sassafras. It all works really well. This falls somewhere between categories of a dry patchouli, or an earthy tea and leather fragrance. Nothing else like it. The patchouli reminds me a bit of PG Coze but not as spicy + more leather. I am a big fan of Prin's work and this is a winner for my taste. One of the best of Zoologist perfumes.
23rd June 2022
Such an unusual fragrance! As is typical with Zoologist fragrances, they've tried to capture the essence of an animal (and/or an animal's habitat/surroundings), and I think they've nailed it here with rhinoceros - providing a scent that is reminiscent of a zoo or a stable.

This is a very masculine scent that starts with the unmistakable punch of patchouli. In fact, anywhere patchouli exists, it tends to be the focus, and that's true here as well. But what surrounds this patchouli is what makes this scent special. Pink pepper, incense, ylang ylang, basil, whiskey - something in this concoction creates the smell of licorice (anise, or fennel) - and when this starts drying down, it smells like dirt and fresh hay! Now I know these don't sound like ideal notes for a perfume - but in this case it just works.

If I had to describe this fragrance, I'd have to use colors. I'd say this fragrance is very yellow, very brown, sometimes dark brown, with hints of green.

I don't find anything here unpleasant, although the initial punch of the patchouli (and ylang ylang? rum/whiskey? basil?) can be quite overpowering at first, almost sour - but there's nothing animalic here or fecal. And as the deeper notes start to develop (oud, amber, oakmoss), it really rounds out those bright, sour tops. Again, the result is a field - a field of hay and grasses and dirt that has been rained heavily on, and now the sun has come out and is baking that field. There are spices in this field as well, so the whole thing is very aromatic.

I like this fragrance, I don't necessarily *love* it for myself, but it's an attention-getter and mysterious (as are so many in the Zoologist line), and very masculine.
20th February 2022
I certainly get the smoky red tobacco and incense...and that's about all there is here. It's not unpleasant, but it is a radically different formulation than Rhinoceros 2014, and much of what I loved about that, including the leather notes, is missing here. Not unpleasant, but not particularly unique, either.
31st May 2021
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