Resin Sacra 
Tom Daxon (2013)

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Reviews of Resin Sacra by Tom Daxon

I'm a huge fan of frankincense/olibanum. I also love Myrrh. Resin Sacra by Tom Daxon does have a slight incense vibe towards to beginning of the wear, but not enough for me. Not sure what "suede" frankincense is, but it's very apparent to me that I prefer the regular version by a wide margin. Honestly, Resin Sacra begins to remind me more of YSL's L'Homme during the latter parts of the dry down. It's not a bad fragrance per se, just not something I'd invest it. Neutral for me.
Apr 7, 2018

It's exactly what you'd expect it to be given the fragrance notes listed above. It's lovely and inoffensive (I'm a scrubber, so this is rare). Not sure I'd dish $185 for a full bottle, but I do recommend it if you're a fan of incense scents.
Mar 2, 2016

A fresh, mercurial twist on the frankincense genre. This is somewhat of a deceptive perfume in that, on paper, it appears to be quite tame with only the woodier notes immediately apparent. It's on the skin, however, that it's true colors begin to develop. Opening with soft bitterness from the suede and vetiver, the composition quickly softens into swirls of ambroxan and benzoin flanked by a rich sandalwood base that pushes everything to the surface in pulses. But what's striking here is that doesn't reveal it's structure over time; instead, individual characteristics emerge and introduce themselves before receding and making space for others to step forward. This was most noticeable in the subtle mustiness of the costus that would drift in and out throughout the scent's life. By being so dynamic, Resin Sacra offers a fresh take on the mercurial nature of frankincense that's both warm and chilling at the same time. In no way is this a dark scent, nor is it as melodramatic as other resinous frankin-scents on the market, but it's ideally suited for an overcast evening in -- or out -- as it engenders a mood of deep contemplation.Pros: Beautifully rendered and conceived; subtle and ambiguous.Cons: Not as direct in its delivery as similar takes.
Jun 23, 2013

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