Reserve for Men 
Perry Ellis (1997)

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Reserve for Men by Perry Ellis

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This scent was originally made for the Perry Ellis Reserve Formal Wear Line. The scent was exclusively sold at Tuxedo stores, when you rented a Perry Ellis Reserve Tux you received a sample vial. This fragrance was made for romantic occasion for a man..Prom, Wedding Day...etc. [Sc]

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Reviews of Reserve for Men by Perry Ellis

There are 23 reviews of Reserve for Men by Perry Ellis.

Reserve is a clone of Liz Claiborne Curve for Men.

Curve is one of my least favorite scents and I made the mistake of blind-buying this one in 2006. I've had the bottle since- about 13 years now, and it's pretty much still full of juice. Heavy Amber and Florals. Very Synthetic, just like Curve. No Thanks!

Despite the long list of promising and exotic notes, Perry Ellis Reserve for Men ends up being a middle-of-the-line average scent with similarities to Calvin Klein's Eternity for Men as well as Platinum Egoiste by Chanel.

It appears that Reserve for Men was meant to be a classy and more formal flanker in the Perry Ellis 360 series. It is more restrained than most of the others (i.e. 360 original, red, green, black, white, etc.); but its mildness takes away from a promising list of ingredients.

Reserve for Men is meant to be an aromatic fougere, which would usually lead to a more formal, even old-school, men's cologne vibe. Overall, I find it plain, uninspiring, and without character, though it has a freshness that isn't altogether bad for informal days out on the town.

I do get the similarity but I wish this did have more of a resemblance to Eternity. That would make this more enjoyable. Instead, this has almost nothing of note other than being inoffensive, kinda clean, sweet and kinda woody.

They should probably change the name to “Reserved” because of its almost nothing scent and it has a soft projection that sticks around for 4-5 hours.

UPDATE: Gave this additional wearings and it does perform better than my original assessment, albeit with additional sprays on my clothes, which seemed to help. The Eternity-like scent does project better than what I thought, but nothing amazing. I'd rate it as just average. I also got much better longevity, lasting all workday.

Probably one of the more generic smelling colognes out there. I was looking for something similar to Calvin Klein's Eternity and though that this might be an interesting take on it.
I didn't really get the sharp, sweet-but-strong seductiveness of Eternity. Instead it was extremely generic, with no real identity of it's own, not even "meh."
Synthetic in the cheapest way, I would not recommend this, but despite the thumbs down, it doesn't smell bad. It's just that I can't see anyone to wear this.

This is Eternity For Men. How has nobody noticed this?

I agree there are more (fill in adjective) scents out there. But this one has balance for me and gets compiments from co-workers and total strangers when I wear it. It lasts longer on me than most, which is nice.

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