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Reporter by Oleg Cassini

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Reporter is a men's fragrance launched in 1978 by Oleg Cassini

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There are 9 reviews of Reporter by Oleg Cassini.

New-to-me fragrance. While not the original made by Oleg Cassini, my bottle is the version made by Euroitalia (silver box, silver cap) and it's . . . very good! My wife said she likes it. IMO, a barbershop-type scent: fresh floral/citrusy/woody fragrance with decent performance and a great value (readily available and was just $17 w/free shipping for 2.5 ounce bottle). Recommend.

I agree with Mysticman and Naed_Nitram: definitely resembles Paco Rabanne pour homme in its previous versions, just brighter, less herbal/honeyed, more aromatic. Paco's fans will probably like it. Longevity could be better, although it lasted 5-6 hours close to my skin.
Keep in mind I'm talking about "vintage" Reporter as shown in the picture above (the one with black cap and black box)

Lineary, hay, cologne Holiday impulse purchase on reviews here (found it in a pharmacy in Urbino, Italy, so if discontinued, perhaps being made under franchise?) and the name (I am one). Very linear, fresh summer hay. Like a slightly less complicated Aramais Tuscany. Once detected, that topnote fecal note is a putoff, but it fades.Pros: Old-skool class, old-skool bottleCons: Fecal note"

Oleg Cassini Reporter is aromatic, herbal, laundry-hesperidic and exuding a discreet floral-woody breeze. The note of cedarwood is dominant, the beginning is somewhat old-school, barely aldehydic, "marked" on bergamot, sharp, vaguely metallic and hesperidic, the general atmosphere is boise-aromatic (laurel and fir resins are central), the dry down tends to be smoothly musky and slightly honeyed with points in common to scents a la Boss Spirit and Ferrari Red. The aromatic general feel is produced by elements as laurel, lavender, fir resins, rosemary and artemisia. The note of carnation, as joined with bergamot and lavender, provides a somewhat classic-sharp feel. Really confortable, clean and versatile fragrance. Poor longevity on my skin.

Naed_NItram is right --- this is quite clearly one of Paco Rabanne's offspring. While there were a few Aramis imitators back in the day, Paco is the first fragrance I can think of to have spawned a variety of similar fragrances (Captain Molyneux, Mila Schon Uomo, Millionaire, et al) aside from the "Designer Impostor" types that blatantly advertise themselves as imitations of an original scent. Drakkar Noir was probably the next, and Cool Water and CK One-alikes practically defined the entire decade of the 90's.Reporter is somewhat more subdued than Paco, with more green and soft wood notes, and a less complex blend of aromatics overall. It doesn't smell like a cheap knockoff --- it's a skillful blend of similar ingredients, with smooth transitions from topnotes to base, and allowing for variations in chemistry, many folks might not notice the difference. If it were less artfully done I'd give it a Neutral, but since it's completely enjoyable I'll give it a thumbs up.

One of the greatest scents of the eighties! strong, durable and very masculine, i bought 2 bottles bvefore discontinued. smells terrific and ipnotic,

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