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Whispers in the library evokes the memory of a mysterious library made of antique woodwork perfectly waxed. The slowing down of time between books and the whispers of turning pages. Inspired by the scent of wax wood and paper, the combination of pepper notes with woody and warm notes of cedar and vanilla recreates the atmosphere of an ancestral library.

Replica Whispers in the Library fragrance notes

    • pepper, cedarwood, vanilla

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I had not read the notes prior to wearing, so I was not expecting a sweet, vanilla candle scent. I have no idea what vanilla has to do with libraries but it is a nice vanilla scent.

This is a pleasant, unisex vanilla scent. Nothing especially great but it is warm and cuddly, so it should be at least enjoyable by the wearer and anyone who gets close.

Decent projection and I actually get good longevity, 8-10 hours worth.

20th May 2021
Woody-vanillic, synthetically lovely, cozy and subtle. Fits the name. Name and the associations it evokes are more interesting than the scent itself though.
2nd May 2021

Whispers in the Library to my nose is less about the books and more about whispers. It's a subtle scent that to me doesn't conjure a library smell at all. To my nose this is a vanilla oil and cedar wood. The vanilla is the most prominent note but is not a bakery or sweet cake type note. It's what I would imagine a natural growing vanilla to smell like. The wood is also a creamy combination, rather than a sharply sawed cedar scent. I only detected the pepper very briefly at the opening spray. Not a sillage monster but decent longevity of 6-7 hours at just above a skin scent volume. Unisex and office safe. There are a lot of options for simple vanilla fragrances and Whispers is too tame that I'd grow bored of it quickly.
5th February 2021
This I am not a fan of. Not a bad scent, but the name doesn't really match IMO. I struggle to see vanilla in a library. I understand this to be evocative of a specific memory, which begs the question, why do I care about the perfumer's memory, if I cannot relate to it?
12th December 2020
Not exactly terrible, but not anything to really write home about, Maison Margiela Replica Whispers in the Library (2019) is supposed to conjure images of old paper and fragrant wood shelves mixed with candles. The scent doesn't really do that for me personally, but what it does manage is pretty enough if you're looking for a calming scent to wear while reading. I'm not the biggest fan of the house going in, so my expectations were tempered thus, but even then I just barely "break even" with what's being presented.

The most simplistic of accords is this, opening with mainly an aldehyde and a bit of pepper. Supposedly cedar is here but if anything it's just Iso E Super adding woody volume, because beyond that, all I smell is vanilla. In fact, after about 30 minutes, this is primarily a vanilla scent, with no trace of old books or wooden shelves. I can see the candles comparison if those candles are vanilla, but that's it. Performance and wear time are teetering on below average, and I'd only use this as personal scent for home if at all. Best time of year is winter but you could get away with a scent this light in warm weather too.

Whispers in the Library is apologetic like a 90's light oriental, aimless to the point of insipid, but unerringly pleasant in spite of it. There are many better and more powerful vanilla fragrances plus Byredo does a thing about libraries that gets much closer than Maison Margiela Replica, so I'd check that one out instead. Not much more to say, a short review about a scent that by design has little to say itself. Any Sephora in the US should have this and elsewhere a perfume boutique, so it shouldn't be hard to track down, just try not to get too excited. Whispers in the Library is no page-turner. Neutral
17th September 2020
Very light vanilla which fits the bill for a light vanilla fragrance. Replica accomplished their mission in doing the old book clone thing.
18th February 2020
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