Replica Beach Walk 
Martin Margiela (2012)

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Replica Beach Walk by Martin Margiela

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Replica Beach Walk is a women's perfume launched in 2012 by Martin Margiela

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Reviews of Replica Beach Walk by Martin Margiela

There are 15 reviews of Replica Beach Walk by Martin Margiela.

I was expecting something different, salty air with some sunshine maybe.
Instead this is about ylang ylang and coconut. Very floral.
Perfect summer scent but does not radiate as perfume.

Beach walk isn't my favorite beachy fragrance by far. But it's still pretty nice. It's definitely more floral than coconutty in my book. It leans feminine, which doesn't necessarily bother me. I mostly get light florals and salty air, then a bit of skin musk and coconut suncream. Each of these four notes are done better elsewhere IMO, but they are pleasant here together and it's worth a try.

For those recs specifically:
Carnal Flower for tropical florals.
Millesime Imperial / L'Artisan Batucada for salty air.
Zoologist Chameleon for sun-kissed skin.
Eau de Soleil Blanc for suncream.

First review and still new, so I'm choosing a recently-sampled fragrance and house I don't really know much about... :)

Beach Walk opens a bit loud with coconut, suntan lotion, and a cool breeze of citrus that fades quickly, but reappears now and again. After the first few minutes I begin to detect the pink pepper; it persists (but does fade) throughout the day, creating an ever-present warmth on my skin that is reminiscent of summer days when it is perfectly sun-kissed. This is when the florals begin to appear, and on me the combination of ylang-ylang and heliotrope against a coconut background becomes a somewhat generic sweet-jasmine-vanilla.

After 1-2 hours, the scent has settled comfortably into that coconuty-musky lotioned-skin scent we all know so well, layered over a now very generic floral-gourmand, with the occasional appearance of citrus (mostly bergamot). This continues, but fades, over hours 3-5.

6-7 hours in, the floral and citrus notes have all but vanished, yet I am still getting soft whiffs of warm, sweet coconut suntan lotion – the smell that lingers in your hair and skin as you peel off your salty swimsuit at the end of the day and begin to find sand in places you'd rather not mention...

8-9 hours after initial application, I'm able to detect a trace of sweet coconut very close to my skin. After that, its undetectable.

sky blue, shimmery golden-sand-beige, white, pink

Who should try/wear:
If you're someone who LOVES the beach, summertime, sunbathing, and all things related, you will likely love wearing this fragrance, or at least appreciate it (fortunately, I DO fall into this category!) Otherwise, it may not appeal to you at all.

When to wear:
Daytime during spring and summer when it's warm and sun-shiney.
Or just anytime you need a reminder that summertime will come again.

Beach Walk in a (coco)nutshell:
summery, fun, sweet, youthful, warm, nostalgic, feminine, beachy, coconut-y, lotion-y

Overall 3/5
Longevity 4/5
Sillage 3/5

Nice coconut-suntan lotion opening with heavy musky florals. Sadly the lotion scent lasted maybe 1 hour and it finally died down at the 2 hour mark altogether.

Surprisingly a very nice perfume but longevity was so poor I'm going to place it with the Jo Malone scents - pleasant and agreeable, but bad longevity.

Living in South Florida (Miami) for many years and being VERY familiar with the beach, Beach Walk reminds me of Copertone suntan oil of the 70's. I do smell the coconut mixed with the ylang-ylang and heliotrope. It is sweet and creamy. To me this fragrance IS the beach.

This reminds me of suntan lotion. It has a very brief opening of bergamot and pink pepper. This perfume is dominated by ylang ylang and coconut. Skin scent base of musk and cedar.

I particularly enjoy the ylang ylang in this, as I have been in search of this note to feature prominently in a fragrance, in something other than a soliflore.

Overall not a swooner but, it has its place in the wearable, everyday fragrance category.

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