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Martin Margiela (2016)

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Across Sands celebrates the Oriental tradition of a daring ‘oud’ fragrance softened with warm earthy notes of dates and cinnamon. The suave, fruity concoction is lifted with liquorice, osmanthus and divana flowers on the deep woody base of oud, patchouli and incense. This heady cocktail of spices evokes an otherworldly mysticism for a voyage into the undulating hills of one’s imagination.

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There are 3 reviews of Replica Across Sands by Martin Margiela.

Across Sands by Maison Martin Margiela creates the illusion of travelling through a warm, silky desert. It takes you to a desert paradise, where dancing sand dunes are overflowing with notes of enchanting spices and burning oud, sweetened by an oriental date accord.

The creamy top note of davana blends with an intense floral note of osmanthus and is entwined with cinnamon, thus adding an ardent and spicy twist to the scent.

At the heart of the blend are date accord and everlasting flower, while deep woody notes of oud, patchouli and incense complete the base.
Aug 25, 2020

A boozy burst is followed by the obvious presence of thickly sweet dates. The supporting notes play secondarily in the background until, an hour or so in, I'm surprised how much I am reminded of Hermes Ambre Narguile and, to a lesser extent, Lutens Feminite du Bois. This is all very well and good, but then the scent totally deflates by hour three. I'd like just a decant's worth of AS in order to wear only at bedtime so I can relish the good parts and be sleeping before I reach the stage of disappointment.
Dec 28, 2018

Fruity, with a light patchouli background but no oud or licorice in sight. Nice, but the longevity could be better.

Update: Got a sample from Sephora today and I get a trace of oud (artificial but it's there. Decent fragrance indeed.
Jul 25, 2018

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