Rem Eau de Toilette fragrance notes

    • marine notes, tonka bean, vanilla

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Latest Reviews of Rem Eau de Toilette

It's very aquatic, of course, but it's different from others, with some nice notes that aren't usually used in aquatic fragrances. Good sillage and longevity.
14th September 2017
Rem is a pleasant floral/aquatic, well balanced and never cloying. The fragrance was launched in the same year Profvmum Roma was up to produce the boring (and disturbing) Aqua di Sale which is taking the world by storm in the mediocre country of Italy (and not just there). I don't know exactly which of the two scents was introduced before since are really close eachother (despite i prefer far more the Reminiscence'one) and it would be interesting to know if one of the brands took a "touch of inspiration" by the second one (you would be induced to suppose about some industrial espionage). All that fuss and we have this pleasant (barely floral and more subtle) little "un-marketed" creation which smells almost identical to the Profumum's one but at half of the price and with a far more appreciable consistence (try also Fiore dell'Onda by L'Erbolario). Another fragrance so close to Rem is Pioggia Salata by il Profvmo, which smells anyway more realistically marine than Acqua di Sale. Rem is breezy and balmy/marine, salty in a subtle way, elegant and floral. A wonderful fenugreek provides the airy/aromatic effect that in Aqua di Sale the maître parfumeur hardly tried to perform by a substantially "subsided" (by the synthetic balsams) myrtle. The balsams are perfectly dosed. The dry down is musky and pleasantly balmy/salty. The aroma you detect is "chill out", delicately rosey, refined and almost realistic. I like it despite this is not exactly my olfactory field.
31st December 2013

I started out hating this as another watery Light Blue clone, but have come to tolerate it, though it's not something I'd dream of owning when it's gone. I would be interested what it could be layered with to have some depth. It's a lightweight, which is fine, it's not meant to be anything else, and not everyone wants a fragrance that has soul.
27th October 2008
wow! I love REM!!!Great beach/gourmand scent for summer! The openning is a blast of fresh marine notes, and the fresh feeling lasts, hanging over the foody heart notes.It's not acturally floral, there is much more creamy gourmand than floral. But unlike the famous Angel, REM's foody/dessert notes are very light, even transparent with that lingering marine/floral notes. So you can enjoy the delightful creamy feeling even in the muggy summer afternoon! And the lasting power is So good! 4 or 5 sprays, then the fresh feeling can lasts for whole day, and the day after you can still smell it from the clothes, yet it never become too cloying.
11th September 2008
Hi ! I'm definitely in love with 2 perfumes fromp Reminiscence : Patchouli (men & women versions are the same fragrance in 2 different concentrations) and REM !Talking about REM, which is a "sea scented" mediterranean perfume", (there are men and women versions; the masculine juice is exactly the same as the other one but in a lighter version; so, for the same price, you'd better buy the women version !!!) : imagine the soft smell of your tanned and salted skin after an entire day spent on a sunny beach. Imagine sand, sea, wind, tanning cream and refreshments, and you will (may) get quite the picture ! One of those rare and incredible moments ! One of those rare perfumes you will hardly smell !! Top notes : bergamot, cyclamen, notes of oceanic ozone. Heart Notes : honeysuckle, geranium, palmarosa. Base notes : musk, vanilla, coconut, patchouli, mysore sandalwood, tonka bean.Rem is not another Acqua di Gio clone ! It is absolutly different and UNIQUE! it is not a perfume : it is an "anti perfume" : every one will ask you about this beautifull smell, but no one will be able to recognise one of those ingredients 'cause wou will smell "summer" !
15th March 2007