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1000 Flowers (2010)

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Réglisse Noire by 1000 Flowers

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Réglisse Noire is a shared scent launched in 2010 by 1000 Flowers

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There are 8 reviews of Réglisse Noire by 1000 Flowers.

I am a fan of Lolita Lempicka and I was looking for a mint note. I do find it well blended and balanced. The pepper is subtle, thank the Lord.

I get anise and mint, both very lasting, with a soft, translucent base that rounds out the vanilla to avoid poaching on gourmand territory. It's just not that sweet.

It has a moderate sillage and seems to be lasting as well as any other EDT--going nicely into anise vanilla here at three hours in. The mint has faded but it was satisfying my minty desires while present and I'm liking the drydown with out it.

I like it very much, for myself or as I imagine a man wearing it on an evening date. A bit too "take a bite" for office work--too soft and come hither. An evening scent for either sex, I think, especially as the mint drops out. It's almost like dimming the lights and putting on soft music.

I have the 7ml sample size and I will enjoy every drop.

Licorice is a listed note, but I mainly get vanilla in the drydown. Robin-in-FL mentions it being blended to the point that the pieces don't stand out. Everything is blended nicely so I can't really pick out the licorice that I would get in Black EDT from CDG. Seems like a lot of people enjoy this one, but I don't find it that special or memorable.

Reglisse Noire.

Today, while enjoying a chunk of black licorice 'tween cheek-n-gums like I like, I took out my three bottles of anise-minded fragrances for a spin. First off, if One has a problem with black licorice... One should stay away from these. Here are my other thoughts:

Reglisse Noire - Mint and pepper are there up-front with the prominent anise which lasts throughout the rather fleeting heart and is noticeably supportive in the exquisite vanilla drydown. Classy. A very nice evening scent.

Piper Nigrum - Mint and anise are there up-front supporting the prominent pepper. The pepper is there throughout, with clove and other spice, even into the resinous vanilla-incense drydown. Much more pepper than anise, but still.

Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin - Powdery synthetic vanilla and anise from the start. There are bothersome sour and floral facets as well. Strong and linear. It all wears this black licorice fan down... much in the same manner this tobacco fan cannot find the appreciation for The Dreamer. No matter.

Sure, there are a ton of other black licorice / anise fragrances. These are my first three and I think I've drilled deep enough. Two outta three ain't bad! They shine bright in early Autumn.

Don't be fooled by this fragrance house name of 1000 flowers, Reglisse Noire starts out very masculine. In fact, I almost didn't bother to sample because I thought it would be too floral, which it isn't. The opening licorice note fades to what I call “cold” mint, which seems washed out, like an old mint found in a car seat or something. Usually, I love the smell of licorice, and I love the smell of mints. But Reglisse Noire's licorice fades too fast, and the weak mint smells plastic. The end result is nondescript and mediocre. I will pass.

I love this scent. It's straight up licorice/anise scent is deceiving, because you only realize later the hints of something foresty. I wish I knew the word, but there a dryness that reminded me of Sharif from La Via Del Profumo, or is it Tauer's L'air Du Desert Marocain?Maybe it's the cocoa. Also there was - for lack of a better word an oilyness that reminds me of Parfums de Nicolai Vanille Tonka. Maybe it's the Grasse connection. People seem to love this on me, and I enjoy mixing this with other vanilla or smoky scents. It has a bite! I also tried 2 new scents, Love is Sweet and Narcotic Flowers. Love is Sweet definately had an old world vibe much like AG's Mon Parfum Cherie Par Camille. I say we continue to support the indie perfumers!

A transparent woody composition with a moderately sweet accord of anise and licorice and an overall fresh, sort of minty vibe. Nice but not my type.

Fans of Lolita Lempicka original EDP should take note.

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