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Regence is absolutely stunning, which is hinted at in its original marbleized green and cream-colored packaging. This was definitely the highest quality fragrance of the vintage Avons of the 50s through the 70s. It is quite similar to original Madame Rochas, which came out a few years before, with it's glorious lemony aldehydes, rose/jasmin/lily bouquet, and compelling, sharp yet warm and powdery soapiness.

I find that the "perfume rollette" concentration is heads and tails above the "cologne" - and that's a general rule for all vintage Avons: the perfume rollettes are the way to go.

I would highly recommend this beauty, Regence, from 1966. The scent stands out conspicuously among Avon's offerings from this time period for its beauty and quality. Every time I wear it I fall more and more in love with it and, as a vintage perfume lover, I could see myself starting to wear it exclusively as a signature scent.
17th May 2020
I wear this and it smells FAB ! I love it, one of my FAVORITE Classic Avon Fragrances...
15th September 2011

Opens with lemon and muslk. Dries into a cool sparkling aldehydic musk. Sorta soapy. It feels classic.
14th November 2009