Reflection Man 
Amouage (2007)

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Reviews of Reflection Man by Amouage

There are 87 reviews of Reflection Man by Amouage.

Good (can't say high) quality mass pleaser.
To me, it's too powdery/floral. Strongly reminds me of a refined combination of mainstream fragrances like JPG Le Male and another that I just can't put my finger on. It's more mature, well blended and maybe slightly less sweet than it's designer partners. If it wasn't that insanely expensive, I might have given a thumbs up.
When testing this one, I have to say that the drydown is almost convincing
Sep 8, 2020

Reflection Man by Amouage under direction of Christopher Chong fits into floral group, except that here the leading note is neroli (the orange blossom essence) which is combined in an absolutely perfect way in the heart of the composition with jasmine, ylang ylang and a touch of iris essence.

The scent opens with a very strong, dense and beautiful green-floral accord with the help of petit grain (the orange tree leaves essence) and rosemary, enhanced with pink pepper.

Despite the high proportion of floral notes and the actual domination of neroli, Reflection Man has a dual nature, as it also has very distinct wood notes, especially cedar and sandalwood. This woody side, reinforced with patchouli and vetiver, adds to the whole blend masculinity.

Reflection Man is a perfume made to measure in every aspect.
Aug 8, 2020

First Amouage frag post-creed-fanboy phase.
Blind Buy based on perfumer and note pyramid.
Initial blast is very floral powdery feminine. If you smell it carefully though you can smell the deeper elements that are eventually revealed in the drydown.
Very orris/iris heavy throughout. Vetiver and sandalwood deepen the base.

Slightly herbal, very floral, but not without its woody character.

Beast in all phases of performance. No worries there whatsoever.
I wore it today. Two sprays on bare neck got me through an entire day.

I suspect that similar to the other high price frags, like Creed, you’ll have people who are seduced by price tags into thinking it’s absolutely wonderful or absolute crap. Not a ton of middle ground from a lot of the reviews.

For me it’s a total winner as I enjoy these fragrance notes and in my opinion they all work together well here.
Not for someone uncomfortable wearing something that leans quite a bit feminine. I wear what I like and it’s still masculine enough for me.
I’m glad I bought it and I’m not disappointed.
Oct 4, 2019

It saddens me to say that this is the same company that produced the very good Honour Man and the outstanding Journey Man.
This is expensive effeminate office fragrance. In fact maybe not even that as its quite offensive. Pot pourri powder puff.
Is it? Yes it is. Its a wash off!
Lucas Sieuzac: Not one of your finest moments unless you specialise in this type of olfactory assault of an experience because there must be an Emperor's New Clothes crowd who go along with it.

Fragrance: 5.75/10
Projection: 7.5/10 (unfortunately)
Longevity: 7.5/10 (wash off mandatory)
Sep 2, 2019

One of my favorite drydowns in perfumery. The opening is quite powdery and floral, but it quickly dries down to a positively addictive pink pepper, orris, sandalwood, and vanilla combo with a soapy, metallic sheen. I despised it on first application, thinking it was like a too cloying Le Male (if that's possible) but now I'm absolutely in love. On a warm spring day in a crisp white shirt, it's divine.
Jun 23, 2019

Got a decant after reading many hyped up reviews. Not impressed. Smells like cleaning products to me. Glad I only got a 5ml.
Mar 30, 2019

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