Red Tobacco fragrance notes

  • Head

    • saffron, cinnamon, incense, nutmeg, white peach, green apple, nepalese oud
  • Heart

    • patchouli, jasmine
  • Base

    • tobacco, amber, woody notes, vetiver, vanilla, white musk

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Latest Reviews of Red Tobacco

One hell of an olfactory experience, to say the least! This is strong, powerful, warm, spicy, vanillic and is like your nose is hovering directly over a freshly cherried tobacco pipe. Go easy on the trigger! Definitely not for the warmer months as this already packs plenty of heat. It's a roaring fireplace in a bottle. One of my all-time favorites!
21st March 2023
As the name suggests, this fragrance is all about cinnamon. The spiciness of the cinnamon hits you right away, and it's supported by a base of amber and vanilla. If you're a fan of pipe tobacco, you might enjoy giving this scent a try. However, be aware that it is quite sweet.

Personally, I feel that the drydown could be refined a bit more, or alternatively, the synthetic oud accord could be removed altogether. While this fragrance is not really my cup of tea, I can see it being a good choice for winter weather when you want a scent that will cut through the cold.
2nd March 2023

Hey! I love this frag! Warm, sweet, complex, NOT overbearing! (which is important as in my profession you are in a room one on one with customers (counselor))

Thoroughly enjoy this one! Just purchased off Amazon dec 2022, Lot # 22F174D

Give it a shot!
22nd December 2022
A saffron and cinnamon infused peach covered in sweet cherry tobacco,, resting on warm woods and vanilla, with just a little bit of medicine.

Wow. Sigh.

2 sprays will last you all day, and more than three sprays will make other people run away.

You are going to want to sniff where you sprayed Red Tobacco, but don’t: the medicinal/chemical smell will only put you off if you directly sniff where you sprayed Red Tobacco.

For those of you who want something dreamier than The Dreamer, careful application of Red Tobacco will quiet your craving.

5th October 2022
Strong? I suppose so but certainly not knock-down-an-entire-room strong. Red Tobacco is reminiscent of Tauer's L'air du Desert Morocain turned up to eleven. It reveals everything it has all at once. with a strong cinnamon note right off the bat which quickly dissipates to let the incense and oud with ripe fruit and honey notes rise to the top. And stay there. Except the sweet tobacco note which is definitely more prominent in the dry down, the effect is linear. And it lasts all day. Spray away. It's all quite delicious.
19th September 2022
Lavish opening, like breaking the seal on a pouch of luxury pipe tobacco, with lush fruit and spice notes. Any smoker or person close to will know the smell of freshly opened pack, it's key to the marketing of pouch tobacco brands. Divine.
The mid life is sweet and a little powdery, probably the white musk coming to the fore, which to me, signifies common "department store-bought". Sad that the momentum was lost. You do still get momentary whiffs of the intriguing tobacco and spice, but otherwise it's just a common cookie cutter formulation. Not an unpleasant scent, just a bit too short a flash of the primary drawcard.

29th March 2022
I see this on a maturer man with some weathering,kind of a like villain from a spaghetti smells like a combination of freshly harvested, golden tobacco leaves,and darker pipe tobacco ,a hint smoky,with resinous-like amber accents,and a nicely creamy sandal base beneath it all.the tobacco remains present from beginning to end.sweet, spicy,creamy and rich.

Opens in a way that is sharp and aloof, but the dry down is stratospherically 'come hither' good. the saffron is strong, the green apple is very light and hardly detectable to my nose.spiciness infused throughout Red Tobacco which balances the sandalwood and oud and darker aspects of the tobacco,amber, and keeps Red Tobacco from becoming too dark and heavy.Red Tobacco is the optimal autumn or winter scent for a mature guy who wants to stand out from the crowd,but who still wants to smell inviting.strong sillage and lasted for at least 6-7 hours with decent projection.
11th December 2021
It's in the vein of encre noir when it comes to dry nature, however has a nice tinge of oudh and spices, some in lines of M7. Overall a gritty, warm scent. Pretty linear. Recommend small bottle. Can't imagine going thru 100ml
3rd December 2021
The opening is a blast of licorice hard pastilles, very intense and irritating to the nose, very dry and salty, too much of it, all blended with vanilla, patchouli, musk, sandalwood, and tobacco, a very dense blend of ingredients that don't merge well with each other. After 6 hours or so you can smell the vanilla and the tobacco breaking through but the licorice is the main note.
I had a full bottle and after trying many many times in the end, I got rid of it. Also, the quality of the ingredients , craftsmanship, and originality is very disappointing. A tobacco scent should be very simple with few ingredients. The name suggested red cherry tobacco, vanilla, bourbon scent smoked from a pipe but unfortunately is a dry licorice pastille scent. Sampler before you buy. Not worth the money, and very expensive by the way.
9th November 2021
I just tried this for the second time today and I love it. Yes, the opening is extremely powerful but unlike some others I have seen comment on this frag, I don't find it offensive and actually like the bombardment of spices. It also settled into the heart fairly quickly, nice saffron and tobacco with a good deal of sweetness. Because of the sweetness, it reminds me of 1 Million Prive, but turned WAAAY up. I actually did a test where I applied Prive to one hand and Red Tobacco to the other. Well, I couldn't really give them a head to head comparison because after one whiff of Red Tobacco my other hand smelled as if it had absolutely nothing on it at all. Once it dried down all the way, I could pick up the cherry and vanilla, which were very nice and didn't smell cheap or artificial. The cherry reminded me more of a cherry wood than a fresh cherry. It's a beast of a frag and you will want to go easy on the trigger for sure, 2-3 sprays max and it lasts all day long (at least 8-10 on skin, I bet a full 24+ on clothes).

Smell: 5/5
Longevity: 5/5
Sillage: 5/5 (closer to 11/5)
30th October 2021
The opening is strong and somewhat nauseating, irritating and headache inducing; really sweet - there's a note or combination of notes in there that I don't like - too harsh! The mid is still quite strong but it becomes bearable/likeable. The dry down is the best part, it all settles down to a nice cherry/vanilla pipe tobacco vibe. Really intense stuff, 2 sprays will last 10+ hours. Best to use during the winter months only! Sample before buying! I'm giving this a thumbs up for the dry down only.
4th November 2020
The opening of Red Tobacco is extremely strong, so be careful. Overall, it just kinda smells like really strong, slightly sweet cat piss to me. Ya, I get the tobacco behind it all, but it's not enjoyable at all. It's also insanely potent, and I saw it physically make 2 people cough when I was in their vicinity. If you're like me, and care about others who have allergies to certain scents, this will bother you as it did me. Fortunately it's not a fragrance I enjoy enough to wanna wear again. The $15 or so I spent for the decant, is about the standard now a days, which is no excuse not to sample this and any other fragrance, before committing to a full bottle.

The base is more or less, a tamed version of the opening, with a little more woods, and a lot of vanilla. It also lasts forever, easily 18 hours, with 6 hours of strong projection.

Not worth the strong pissy opening for a mediocre dry down imo.. try before you buy, for sure!
6th July 2020