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Mancera (2017)

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Reviews of Red Tobacco by Mancera

There are 17 reviews of Red Tobacco by Mancera.

It's in the vein of encre noir when it comes to dry nature, however has a nice tinge of oudh and spices, some in lines of M7. Overall a gritty, warm scent. Pretty linear. Recommend small bottle. Can't imagine going thru 100ml
Dec 3, 2021

The opening is a blast of licorice hard pastilles, very intense and irritating to the nose, very dry and salty, too much of it, all blended with vanilla, patchouli, musk, sandalwood, and tobacco, a very dense blend of ingredients that don't merge well with each other. After 6 hours or so you can smell the vanilla and the tobacco breaking through but the licorice is the main note.
I had a full bottle and after trying many many times in the end, I got rid of it. Also, the quality of the ingredients , craftsmanship, and originality is very disappointing. A tobacco scent should be very simple with few ingredients. The name suggested red cherry tobacco, vanilla, bourbon scent smoked from a pipe but unfortunately is a dry licorice pastille scent. Sampler before you buy. Not worth the money, and very expensive by the way.
Nov 9, 2021

I just tried this for the second time today and I love it. Yes, the opening is extremely powerful but unlike some others I have seen comment on this frag, I don't find it offensive and actually like the bombardment of spices. It also settled into the heart fairly quickly, nice saffron and tobacco with a good deal of sweetness. Because of the sweetness, it reminds me of 1 Million Prive, but turned WAAAY up. I actually did a test where I applied Prive to one hand and Red Tobacco to the other. Well, I couldn't really give them a head to head comparison because after one whiff of Red Tobacco my other hand smelled as if it had absolutely nothing on it at all. Once it dried down all the way, I could pick up the cherry and vanilla, which were very nice and didn't smell cheap or artificial. The cherry reminded me more of a cherry wood than a fresh cherry. It's a beast of a frag and you will want to go easy on the trigger for sure, 2-3 sprays max and it lasts all day long (at least 8-10 on skin, I bet a full 24+ on clothes).

Smell: 5/5
Longevity: 5/5
Sillage: 5/5 (closer to 11/5)
Oct 30, 2021

The opening is strong and somewhat nauseating, irritating and headache inducing; really sweet - there's a note or combination of notes in there that I don't like - too harsh! The mid is still quite strong but it becomes bearable/likeable. The dry down is the best part, it all settles down to a nice cherry/vanilla pipe tobacco vibe. Really intense stuff, 2 sprays will last 10+ hours. Best to use during the winter months only! Sample before buying! I'm giving this a thumbs up for the dry down only.
Nov 4, 2020

The opening of Red Tobacco is extremely strong, so be careful. Overall, it just kinda smells like really strong, slightly sweet cat piss to me. Ya, I get the tobacco behind it all, but it's not enjoyable at all. It's also insanely potent, and I saw it physically make 2 people cough when I was in their vicinity. If you're like me, and care about others who have allergies to certain scents, this will bother you as it did me. Fortunately it's not a fragrance I enjoy enough to wanna wear again. The $15 or so I spent for the decant, is about the standard now a days, which is no excuse not to sample this and any other fragrance, before committing to a full bottle.

The base is more or less, a tamed version of the opening, with a little more woods, and a lot of vanilla. It also lasts forever, easily 18 hours, with 6 hours of strong projection.

Not worth the strong pissy opening for a mediocre dry down imo.. try before you buy, for sure!
Jul 6, 2020

Obnoxious opening with aggressive spices (the nutmeg in particular); thick, muddy, resinous tones; a flooding sweetness (not particularly fruity to my nose); the entire thing casting a vast penumbra of paint thinner.
Resolves swiftly and much more successfully into a dense, bass pipe tobacco and vanilla centred main theme, the spices now in check, the paint thinner revealed to be a morphed woody ‘oud', and the sweetness quite receded. There is a dry fruits richness about the tobacco that is right at home. I can see why some rave about this one, but for me it seems to trigger associations of the assumed seriousness of old boys' clubs, all back-slapping one-upmanship and blue cigar-smoke haze..
Jun 12, 2020

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