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Red Ginger by Susanne Lang

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Red Ginger is a women's perfume by Susanne Lang

Reviews of Red Ginger by Susanne Lang

There are 2 reviews of Red Ginger by Susanne Lang.

I've just purchased this after trying a sample but sadly, I think I have made a mistake with this one. I'm still getting that perky fruitiness that dries down to a warm mellowness that I liked so much on the sample...but this perfume really has zero longevity. Within an hour I am left with a faint whisper on the skin if I put my nose right on my wrist. And this is supposed to be an EDP.
I tested it on a day when I had a ton of samples I was impatient to test and I didn't notice how quickly it must have disappeared. Well, my mistake and not a terribly costly one, just pretty disappointing. Needless to say, I wont be buying it again.

I find red ginger to be a vintage-styled floral, heady and a little boozy and spicy in a sort of old-fashionedly "tropical" way. Not bad, but not overly exciting either, a bit "perfumey".

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