Red Aoud 
Montale (2008)

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Reviews of Red Aoud by Montale

There are 37 reviews of Red Aoud by Montale.

Firstly the downside. This reminds me of Black Aoud. Black Aoud is a scent that I really dislike.

So onto the upside. The rose is not as prominent as BA and it also has the welcome addition of iris and a slight fruity vibe. So therefore I do like it more than BA.

Overall this is just not my bag!!

I will add that this stuff is nuclear. And I mean NUCLEAR. IT will last for 24 hours with solid projection. As for clothes?? Let's not go there!!!
May 28, 2019

I find something very offputting about the first stage of Montale's fragrances: the initial sprays are so synthetic, harsh and abrasive that it discolors the entire experience. It's very unenjoyable. Nowhere in the line is there a bigger offender than Red Aoud. The opening metallic blast (Iso-E-Super?) overshadows everything for a solid 15-30 minutes, and ultimately it dries down to a more enjoyable chocolate-dark floral combination. I don't find there to be anything special about the drydown, it's very typical of a chocolate-rose combination scent, which can be found in any line without the wretched opening. Speaking of, that metallic scent doesn't completely disappear at any point: it lingers on as a note concurrent with the powdery-rose overtones.

It projects plenty (above average), although longevity is nothing special: 4 hours tops on my skin. Rumors of days-long lasting power don't ring true for me, speaking perhaps to a reformulation. Who knows. Thankfully, I can wash it off of my skin. Leans masculine overall.

Rather expensive for something that smells remarkably cheap: save your money for better things.

Mar 5, 2019

Oh wow, Montale's Red Aoud is a no-nonsense agarwood formulation that needs discretion in application.

Fragrance notes:
[Top] - agarwood (oud), pepper
[Heart] - saffron, rose, cumin
[Base] - orris root, vetiver, sandalwood

Red Aoud is a thick, heavy rose-centered oud scent that works really well ESPECIALLY if you limit sprays to two at the most. Saffron is also quite prominent in this EdP strength potion, adding an exotic, leathery floral hit within this fiery formulation.

Red Aoud leans masculine and gives the wearer a long, long pleasant oud ride. As each of Montale's "Aoud" flankers are very distinctive in highlighting different aspects of the agarwood experience, I would highly recommend trying sample decants of a number of them until you can pinpoint the one that fits YOU best.

Aug 26, 2018

Montale Red Aoud

This with no doubt is the Strongest frag in my collection.
But it is kinda addictive, Biscuit sweet opening, and it starts to fill the room as soon as it leaves the bottle. I got compliments on the 6th hour of putting at most two sprays.

Depending on the situation.... One spray is sometimes over cooking this Cookie gourmand frag.

You defo get your bang for your buck here.
Although I do Adore this, I ware it sparingly because it is 100% beast

Smell 10
Longevity 10
Sillage 10

Infact.... This is stronger than that. Awesome juice. Two thumbs up.
Feb 8, 2018

First fragrance from several samples from the Montale line and this is not for me in the least. WOW super floral with some sweetness and a soapy vibe. Leans way feminine and towards the dry down does become more sweet and powdery. Glad I got a sample first. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY if you don't like florals.
May 31, 2017

Late in my visit to the Montale shop, when I had already greedily pounced on a few cans and was subsequently attempting to be an angel of restraint, I was introduced to Red Aoud. The charming shop assistant sprayed some on a strip and said that she loved the feel of roasted tonka about it. And I could see where she was going with that – that striking gourmand accord which wears on the skin like toasted brioche or even crumbly almondy cake is the most remarkable thing about it. It's a real caresser and I almost bought it then, but I was suffering from perfume relativism after having smelled so much, and so desisted.
Now, nearly a year later, I've got around to sampling it and that lovely toasted accord is still the most striking thing about it. We are so used to tonka as a dab of something indistinctly sweet in our perfumes that it is useful to remember the smell of the real thing which has depths and a dark halva-like richness – the difference is like that between vanilla sugar and a cloven pod of the real thing. I know tonka isn't in the declared notes but roast tonka is what seems to surge up from Red Aoud's base and I likes it.
The rest of Red Aoud I like less – the rose smells cheapo and screechy and is quite discordant at the opening until it settles somewhat, the oud is non-descript and somewhat shy, the other woody notes are generic and the spicing – particularly saffron which I adore – just refuses to make itself known on my skin. So we've got the phenomenal voice of the central gourmand accord surrounded by a band of rather untalented musicians. I can't make my peace with that.
Mar 18, 2016

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