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Oriflame had its ups and downs, but Rebel is truly a masterpiece.
It is a classic , almost acid chypre-citrus-leathery scent, almost comparable to the couture classics of the genre. The name doesn't promote antisocial anarchistic values, it rather reminds me of the classic 50's silver screen rebells like James Dean or Marlon Brando, with their leather jackets, clean-cut denim, half mod half rocker attitude and impossibly to imagine without a Harley motorcycle or a sporty vintage roadster.
It smells leathery and reminds me of leather. First dry ,sparkling lemon and herbal notes after a while richer wooden, musky, cedar notes leave an almost Baroque, solar feeling on my skin.
The classic citrus-cedar-chypre-leather combination brilliantly revisited. Even the bottle is classic, puristic and highly decorative due to a slightly vintage design, making me want to keep it long after the fragrance was used.
23rd January 2006