Phoenicia Perfumes (2013)

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A good reference to real Indian/Hindi oud. Starts off a little bit of barnyard and cheese with good supporting casts of rose and vetiver (but neither dominates). After a good few hours the dry hay/straw aroma lingers forever, this hay/straw-like quality resembles the characteristic that the real Hindi oud oils I've tested. To me it isn't nearly as barnyardish as a lot of people claimed it to be, it actually smells absolutely gorgeous from top to bottom. I have the 07/15 batch, 2 thumbs up!!
May 16, 2016

The one point I wanted to make here is to not let the price point of the 5ml splash bottle scare you. I'm wearing a small dab on the back of each hand and the fragrance smells absolutely wonderful. Anyone looking for something with a kick of real oud, earthy vetiver and rose undertones should really try this out. Such a relief to find a rose and oud combination that isn't the standard overtly sweet and synthetic combination of the two.
Mar 16, 2015

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