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Re by Laura Tonatto

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Re is a men's fragrance launched in 2003 by Laura Tonatto

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There are 6 reviews of Re by Laura Tonatto.

Genre: Oriental

Adequate, but unexceptional, Re is a big, uncomplicated, amber and patchouli scent in the same general sweetly animalic vein as Anné Pliska, Ambre Sultan, and Ambre Précieux. It's as heavy and viscous as any essay in this style, but lacks some of the distinguishing features of its best competitors. That is to say, it has none of Ambre Sultan's oddly savory dried herbs, none the floral and spice accents that enliven Ambre Précieux, nor any of the boozy swagger of Ambre Russe. It's potent and it's linear, and it's ultimately rather dull, so I can't really recommend Re as a contender in the amber field.

Clever stuff indeed! This darkened incense is full of interest. I get a sweet honey note in the opening, and am suprised no other reviewer has mentioned that. There is also something "spacial" about Re, kind of like brandy in a huge snifter...only a small amount is required to surround a large space with it's essence. I also find the top notes in particular to be similar in character to vintage Tabu cologne. If you are a fan of incense frags, this is a must try! BTW - Foetidus' commentary is exceptional!

Something in between Salvador Dali Pour Homme and Zino. Mazzolari Lui comes to mind, too. Non-camphorous dark patchouli mixed with oils from sandal and cedarwoods. Simple but rich smelling composion. Quite strong yet refined, can be quite a challenge to wear. I don`t consider this as animalic as the other reviewers, although it has that certain dirty edge due the patch for sure. Re is of course italian, meaning "king" in english.

I agree with the other two reviews: definitely animalic and very patchouli. The opening reminded me of serge Lutens MKK, but much dirtier (in the literal sense of "dirt") and drier. Wild large cats, like jaguars, have a scent that reminds me of this fragrance. Personally, I love the scent, but I would find this one difficult to wear in mixed company (mixed referring to the non-perfume addicts wandering aimlessly out there).

An ingenious scent–It seems quite animalic but I have come to believe that those aren't REAL animalic notes in there–there is a strange and subtle inherent innocence in the particular ‘dirtiness' of this fragrance. The first two times I wore it, I did think Ré was loaded with those dirty animal notes. I now believe those ‘dirty' notes are a clever ruse accomplished by creating a deceitfully dark accord with the patchouli, sandalwood, and gum. This is such a shadowy, sensual, ingenious, and creative scent that Ms. Tonatto has produced! The accords are not sweet or pretty–they are aggressive and contain a palpably pulsating passion. It's definitely a wood scent but not at all in the manner of most woods. This is a grossly dark, pseudo-animalic Nemo. It's quite linear and unchanging for an hour or two but then, as Robyogi says, it settles into a smooth, powdery dry down. Deep, dark, and edgy, it's totally wonderful.

For all you animalic lovers out there, this is a must try. There are no animalic notes listed, but it has to have something. To my nose, it rivals MKK for animalism. It also has a very, very strong does of patchouli. If you don't like patchouli, then pass on this one. It takes hours to lose its "stinky" edge, but once it does, it's a very classy, warm, smooth, maybe somewhat powdery, masculine scent - lots of development here. It's almost "classic" smelling, as though it were made in (and for) a different era. While this scent is not to my personal taste, it is of high quality and would appeal to anyone who like Parfum d'Habit, George Sand, or the like. Tonatto is an overlooked house. Check it out.

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