Raw Spirit - Winter Oak 
Nomad Two Worlds Foundation (2014)

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Raw Spirit - Winter Oak by Nomad Two Worlds Foundation

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About Raw Spirit - Winter Oak by Nomad Two Worlds Foundation

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Harry Fremont

Part proceeds will be used to support the Chumash Indian Museum in Thousand Oaks, CA

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Reviews of Raw Spirit - Winter Oak by Nomad Two Worlds Foundation

There are 2 reviews of Raw Spirit - Winter Oak by Nomad Two Worlds Foundation.

Sensational. Wow what a great scent from start to finish. Masculine for sure IMO not sure why this would be unisex? Starts nice with bergamot and geranium with a nice middle of saffron and olibanum (not too resinous). The dry down is a great mix of leather/suede, woody notes and musk/vetiver. The dry down is amazing and well worth the price of the juice. Similar to The Goodlife by Davidoff by the 3 hour mark of the dry down. Smells of quality and sophistication. Just wish the longevity and projection were a little longer. Enjoy!

Edited Review:

As with Chene, I've changed my opinion after giving Winter Oak another try. This is very nice. I actually didn't mind it, even on the first wear, but have found with the oak accord that it has taken time to grow on me. There is an unusual nature to the smell of oak I guess, that I wasn't comfortable with at first, but I have really been enjoying both Chene by Serge Lutens, and Winter Oak by Raw Spirit. There is a lot more going on than just "oak" in both fragrances, and for all I know, it was a combination of other notes in both of these frags that put me off at first. But, after giving them both more time, I've come to appreciate them. I just bought some Chene, and am thinking about investing in Winter Oak as well. It does smell very well made. It's a bit strong in the opening. It's still very nice, but the dry down really brings the charm of this fragrance to the fore.

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