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Rausch  by J.F. Schwarzlose

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Rausch is a shared scent launched in 2012 by J.F. Schwarzlose

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Reviews of Rausch by J.F. Schwarzlose

There are 7 reviews of Rausch by J.F. Schwarzlose.

Soft peppers and a sandalwood greet me in the opening blast. Both are bight. The pepper is dominant, and whilst the wood note is no wallflower either, the specific sandalwood components is rather weak on me. Nonetheless, a nice opener.

The first newcomer in the drydown is a patchouli, which please and central role at this stage. This patchouli is on the brighter side too, and neither harsh nor abrasive on me. Later on he patchouli takes of undertones of a gently leathery character with whiffs of white smoke. A restrained vanilla is added in and supplies just a bit of sweetness in the background.

The base throws an amber impression into the mix. Now there is a combination of several components on the centre stage: residual hints of the pepper, the wood - now with a weak and somewhat perfunctory oud slant, the patchouli that is much smoother by now, lots of the unusually bright and uplifting amber, and a smidgen of the vanilla - a melange that is quite unusual and also delightful on me.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

An interesting scent for sunny and warmer days in early autumn in particlular, which is not very complex, but of sufficient depth and texture to enthuse. The choice and blending of the - mostly good-quality - ingredients leads to some original stretches throughout the second third of its development. 3.5/5

A very mulchy forest-floor-dirt kind of woody scent, heavy on the cedar/frankincense combo, with what I'm guessing is birch tar fused with oud for a leathery smokiness.

The thing that sets Rausch apart from the large numbers of similar indie perfumes is their clever use of a milky note, which gives a unique animalic twist to everything, giving richness to the leathery undertones, while somehow adding a unique sort of funk to the smells of decaying, mulched woods.

Billowing sweet woody with a huge glug of vanilla, butched up with some pungent and smoky cypriol. It's a combination that could be trite and awful, but Rausch is held securely by a border that is half fresh leather and half grown up booze. It's large, it projects like a thesp, it has a reassuring familiarity yet has dark depths (my bet is on the cleverly concealed patchouli), it's warm and yet means business.
At first, the oud mentioned in the base seems to be a figment of the brand's imagination – it's the usual woody aromachemicals lurking in so many woody ambers. But with time something remarkably similar to the moreish oud construct in Oud Satin Mood emerges. This is an accomplished offering which is friendly and tough in equal measure, a combination many will perceive as quite sexy.

An excellent fragrance with masculine character that is earthy, leathery, and hints at dry rotting forest woods which flows seamlessly into an amber finish. This is an excellent fragrance and one of the best of the Schwarzlose perfumes for men. Nicely blended so it smells like leather and a bit like frankincense but there is a natural sweetness in the dark amber, oudish character. Though not listed I think I smell a geranium rose accent that lifts up the heart of darkness in Rausch. The notes list a bit of oud but in no way is this an oud scent! What is it? The most predominant note is cypriol also called nagarmotha or English Nut Grass which lends an earthiness so naturally authentic it feels like incense tanned dry leather then a rose amber base note. I feel like I'm camping outdoors, living inside a rustic canvas tent, deep in the forest. The sandalwood and red pepper enliven the aroma. This is not a very bold fragrance, but is earthy, warm and has a dark mood. Rating: 8 of 10 stars.

Rich, sweet, woody (cedar), musky and expensive smelling fragrance. Not to be confused with the Gucci perfume of similar name. Rausch conveys urban sophistication very well. Like Trance, also from Schwarzlose, it has a full bodied complexity and is pleasing to the senses. The drydown develops a pronounced gourmand quality, like jam biscuits or baked puddings - suggesting also the characteristic note of Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather.

I can't smell any vanilla as such, and certainly not cypriol, which is just as well. ((ever smelled cypriol? It's not very nice) The overall effect however is a real bombshell. -Tom Ford would be jealous. Well worth a purchase.


This is a badass fragrance! It's like if Dirty English skips the part where it holds a razor against your throat, and promises that it will just beat you. For starters, it surely sounds kind of intimidating to a non-German speaker. I don't know, but if I'd say to someone "Dude, your perfume rocks! What is it?" and he answered "Rausch, Schwarzlose" I'd think that he has just told me to shut up and get lost. Or "Go back to your mother boy while you're still not crying!", if there was any lipstick on the lips that would have uttered the words. But I have a feeling that in the end, we would be best buddies, trying to bring drinking the bars dry under "Mission accomplished" status, so as to justify its name. Something tells me that its "meaning business" aura would be a blast combined with some 30 years old Talisker. Amber, oud and sandalwood, drenched in smoked and peated liquid gold. Can you think of anything better?...

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