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Ralph Lauren (2021)

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Ralph's Club by Ralph Lauren

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Ralph's Club is a men's fragrance launched in 2021 by Ralph Lauren

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Reviews of Ralph's Club by Ralph Lauren

There are 8 reviews of Ralph's Club by Ralph Lauren.

I was hesitant on this one because I see a lot of negative/neutral reviews. I tested it on a test strip and it was good, normal mass appealing scent.
Came back later and tested some on my arm, and it was better, but the drydown is where it’s at. This may be similar style to others, maybe not unique, but you know what, I think it smells amazing and when it’s in my arm all I want to do is keep smelling it.

I purchased a full bottle and very happy with it with no regrets, and I have plenty of other mass appealing common fragrances and still wanted this one.

So give it a chance, you just may love it.

Sure if you’re looking for something super unique then probably not. But for an easy wear that smells great, go for it.

The thing I’ve learned quickly in my relatively new venture into the fragrance world is that I don’t care if a fragrance is something supposedly everyone has, most of “those” fragrance I’ve never smelled before on anyone, and they smell good, and I would like to smell like it, so do it 😃

Generic is the term that is common in all the reviews so far, and that is unfortunately correct.
Ralph's Club can pass as a flanker for the Invictus line or more closely (or cloudy?) YSL's L'Homme line. I actually thought it was something from YSL what with the apple/grapefruit/lavender combo.
Is it a 'good' fragrance? Yes.
But it is a me too and as such perhaps not worth the purchase.

Perfect for the Ralph Lauren faithful who doesn't want to feel left out of the Invictus/L'Homme party.

Puzzling is why this shares a bottle with Polo Blue Parfum

I’m saying neutral because I liked it enough to spray some on, but I got eviscerated by my companion(s) for wearing this: “Like an Abercrombie and Fitch store, which I couldn’t stand, but five times worse. It’s giving me a headache. It’s making me sick. I hate it.”

Reminds me of Invictus in the opening or any number of rehashed scents that you'll find fully stocked at Zara. The drydown has more of a fresh, powdery-sweet scent that feels more like Versace Eros. It is the popular modern-scent DNA again. Very mass-appealing. Not original, but, sometimes you just want to sell some bottles.

I get loud projection and an impressive scent trail for the first hour. Settles down nicely after the opening and is just pleasant to wear.

l'm certainly no expert when it comes these type of fragrances & so l cannot make a detailed comparison, but to me this smells like any number of modern fresh fougeres that you can smell any day on any young man in the street. lt's a little fruity in the opening, but otherwise it's a sharp, scratchy, woody-herbal thing with some soapy lavender & a metallic vetiver in the heart. Four hours in it begins to mellow & sweeten slightly, but on my skin it doesn't develop to any significant degree. It's still going strong twelve hours in, & traces of it remain on my skin twenty-four hours after application.

l only tried this because it was a freebie, but got quite interested when l saw that Dominique Ropion is the nose behind this one. I therefore expected so much more, but l suppose he was working to a brief & restricted on a budget, & we all have to make a living, don't we?

Sharp, peppery ginger and nutmeg over the usual men's designer bleachy ammonia smell. As the spicy topnotes fade, it makes room for a pinch of coumarin, with its unpleasant petrol undertone amplified and sharpened by the bleachy ammonia.

OK, so I've said "sharp" too much, but that seems to be the point here, as Ralph's club has foregone any sense of refined masculinity in favor of just smelling jagged and piercing.

As usual with scents like this, fans of mass-market masculines will like it and snobs won't. I'm officially one of those snobs, but I'll say that Kenneth Cole Black does what this does, but better and cheaper.

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