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Reviews of Ralph Hot by Ralph Lauren

There are 25 reviews of Ralph Hot by Ralph Lauren.


Absolutely nothing extraordinary about Ralph Hot, just a boring and cheap smell. Try Hanae Mori if you're looking for something deeper and with more character.
Jul 6, 2013

When I applied this fragrance I initially thought it reminded me mostly of Fantasy by Britney Spears or Hanae Mori by Hanae Mori. It can definitely be compared to both of those perfumes. It's definitely a fruity-floral-gourmand with lots of sweet vanilla in the base. But after wearing it for at least half an hour I've realized that it's probably a lot more accurate to compare it to the Coconut Lime Verbena fragrance from Bath and Body Works. It's not exactly the same, but to me Hot by Ralph Lauren and the Coconut Lime Verbena EDT smell awfully similar. It's not a bad fragrance, but I always found that I got tired of smelling the lime in the Bath and Body Works fragrance pretty fast, so I'm pretty sure I would get sick and tired of the lime and mandarin orange in Ralph Lauren's Hot too. I have a cold today, but I'm sure this fragrance is stronger than what I'm actually smelling, so I'm just neutral on it and I probably won't buy a whole bottle of this.
Oct 2, 2011

Bought this for my girlfriend to replace her bottle of Fancy with something with a little more quality. The fruits all mesh into the vanilla and the cinnamon is slightly noticeable and the musk is very heavy, being the biggest note, but not overwhelming. A rather... tempting fragrance with a name that fits ;)
Jul 24, 2011

So sugary, so sweet, yet surprisingly lovely, and dare I say addictive.

It smells a lot like an icecream called 'Splice', which is basically vanilla icecream covered in an icy layer of sugary lime. Just like the icecream, this fragrance would be best enjoyed on a hot Summer's day.

The opening is mostly sugared fruits, however the drydown becomes rather warm and I can detect a subtle note that smells somewhat like maple syrup hidden in there somewhere. Ralph Hot turns out to be a very gourmand experience.

The sillage and the lasting strength of this fragrance is simply amazing. I certainly recommend Ralph Hot to lovers of vanilla based scents like Dior's Hypnotic Poison and Thierry Mugler's Innocent.

Jun 5, 2011

I honestly am not proud to say I like Ralph Lauren Hot, only because I feel too old to like it the way I do. This is an odd one to me- can't quite place my finger on it. Imagine a german chocolate cake waiting to be eaten by someone drenched in suntan oil with the aroma of fresh tropical flowers floating in the air. I know it's weird to describe it like that, but you get my point. all the while though, all I smell is deliciousness. Yum. Wished it lasted longer.
Jul 10, 2010

Out of all the feminine mainstream/designer gourmand scents, this is easily the best one.Suitable for teenage girls all the way up to 30's or so.Very good for cold weather.As for the scent, it's almost like a more carefree version of another one of my favorite winter scents for females: Tom Ford's Black Orchid. Both these scents have the same level of sweetness, never too much, and a luscious thick texture that reminds me of olive-to-brown skinned girls who exfoliate every inch of their body until it's butter soft. This is no bony scent, it is soft and substantial in all the right places.The main accord is just straight up endless desserts, spiced pastry, French toast, coconut cream, mocha, almond extract, just an endless smooth combo of delicious sh!t. Yes, there are other floral, musk, and wood notes which sober it up, but they only serve imo to keep the scent from getting too sweet, and they succeed masterfully. Dead sexy in cold weather. Fully recommended as a winter scent for any teenage girl or young woman.
Feb 16, 2010

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