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Very distinctive fragrance. Not as thick, dark or syrupy as vintage No.5. It has much less aldehydes and has aged well compared to No. 5.

It smells like a refined version of No.5.

In the opening and mid there is a clear Jasmine note and in the drydown I can smell sandalwood and musk.
21st July 2017
I was fortunate enough to find an eighth ounce of the pure parfum of this incredible scent on Ebay. Due to its rarity, I have used it sparingly.

This is a dark, rich chypre, typical of the 1920s. It is most reminiscent of Coty's original Chypre de Coty and to a certain degree Molyneux's Le Numero Cinq, but without the coal tar notes of that masterpiece.

What sets Rallet #1 apart is its central carnation note, giving it a warm spiciness, beautifully set off against the floral bouquet. This looks forward to Guerlain's Sous Le Vent.

Rare as hen's teeth, but certain internet sellers have bottles for sale as of this writing.

28th May 2015