Rake & Ruin 
Beaufort London (2018)

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Reviews of Rake & Ruin by Beaufort London

There are 5 reviews of Rake & Ruin by Beaufort London.

A confident man preserved in one of the Dukes Bar's (in london) forest green velvet corner chairs, a chilled martini on the table before him.the martni is straight up frozen gin.there is a cigar terrace and humidor in the back.Rake&Ruin a complex,strong scent.intensely gothic and avant garde at the same time.perfect balance between eccentricity and dirt.

Opens with a wallop of dirty earthy aromatic.the heart notes very rich and complex smoky feels like cannabis accord that is not very strong but prominent to my nose with spices.the final and last phase is very warm and comforting musk but neither ocerly sweet nor feminine.this is absolutely challenging scent,but there is a certain beauty in it's sharp edges,and commitment to a singular sort of manic strangeness.the scent of manhood, power and sex.
May 31, 2021

Blast furnace of flavor. Burnt metal. Metal being welded. Fire, smoke, and heat. Freshly snipped conifer branches thrown into a roaring bonfire. Sneezy pepper bits. Carrots - I smell wild carrots.

It doesn't take too long before this calms down a bit. It becomes less intense. I still smell lots of conifer. Some other smoky herbal things move in. A hint of some little, powdery flowers in the background. There is so much going on here. It's a cauldron of aromatics, simmering in some warlock's kitchen. I'm smitten. If I were to splurge on another new bottle, it might be R & R.

It becomes more calm in time, with its relaxing herbal and aromatic flavors. Has less of a smoky ambiance... More wood later with touches of an amber accord. The ending is mellow and smooth. Love it!
Feb 16, 2020

I am in general agreement with FumeHood's entertaining review below. My first impression of the fragrance was something very original, savory, burnt or roasted. The savory aspect which can certainly be compared to celery is also very like the herb lovage, a common ingredient of soups. It could come also from angelica roots which is listed among the ingredients, and is a characteristic component of gin of course, which is in keeping with the backstory.

You could end up smelling like a soup kitchen but somehow the perfumer pulls if off and just makes a fascinating and creative blend, very avant garde and different from anything else on the market, that I'm aware of.

The dominant effect for me of this excellent fragrance in summary is savory and herbal. It is earthy and rooty. I don't think it is at all animalic and any association with sweat, prostitution and debauchery is ridiculous. However, most reviewers on Fragrantica and elsewhere seem preoccupied by that perception after reading the advertising story.
Nov 16, 2019

Opening is 2 hours of smelling like celery. Scrubber
Aug 27, 2019

Not as striking as Vi et Armis, but perhaps a more wearable concentration of its predecessor's dry down, Rake & Ruin is a dark, smokey, peaty, barrel-aged brown spirit-infused concoction that continues Beaufort's knack for incredibly sensual wearable liquors that feel alive and festering (or only recently deceased). Yes, there's always something composting in these scents (with the exception of Lignum Vitae—that one is the azure-hued salubrious wonder of your maritime dreams; it smells nothing like death). Rake & Ruin is the spawn of a pirate and a chimney sweep, and it may turn off those looking for the bright top notes and dry woods of more traditional European perfumery. Here you get Green pepper over fresh greenery and slippery wet planks over dry incense. But, strangely, it maintains a calming and beautiful hum, perfectly accompanying those dark-stoned interior scenes from Game of Thrones. Truly marvelous stuff.
Apr 29, 2019

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