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Reviews of Rain by Demeter Fragrance Library

There are 19 reviews of Rain by Demeter Fragrance Library.

A fresh fragrance, that is oily and smells "fake" like most Demeter fragrances. I would have loved it otherwise. Short performances.

Not terrible but when I think of rain, it's not this. This actually reminds me somewhat of CK Escape or Byredo Pulp because it has an over-ripened fruit smell. But there's also light and airy florals which seems to be the main note.

Below average projection.

This effort to mimick a concept that was beautifully implemented in the past - see Guerlain's Après l'Ondée - is not convincing. A thin, calone-influenced core with touches of citrus, nonspecific floral touches and whiffs of moist hair.

I get soft sillage, limited lrooand six hours of longevity on my skin.

Very watery - aptly so given the name - but too pale and anaemic to enthuse. 2.25/5.

I keep a bottle in the fridge for a refreshing pick me up. Love it!

This is a calone-like aquatic, slightly salty, & rather reminiscent of Calvin Klein's Escape. There is something quite dark-green, like vetiver, underpinning it. lt is very quiet, & fades to nothing after only ninety minutes.
l guess interpretations of rain can vary enormously, as it is not the rain that has a scent, so much as the things being rained on. l'm not sure of the setting for this one, but it's not the intoxicating garden-after-the-rain scent that l was hoping for.

Okay, this really does not smell like rain to me.

For most of my life I lived in the country, so I know the scent of rain on either green or dry grass, gravel and forests. I also know what the scent of rain on pavements and roadsides smell like. While I don't mind the scent of rain, it's not a favourite.

Rain by Demeter strikes me as being too citrusy and watery. Natural rain has more of a musty smell. This trickery of a scent has a clean laundry kind of smell to it as well.

I'm somewhat disappointed seeming that I was only having a conversation with a friend the other day about bottling the scent of rain, and became rather excited about testing this. I can't get past the citrus layers.

Surprisingly Rain lasts a relatively long time, especially on the skin, which is rare for a Demeter scent. It's a pity that the lasting Demeter couldn't be a fragrance I liked.

This is a disturbing and slightly repellent scent for me. It is the scent of someone who has just burst into the house after hiking through the hills all day. That almost indecent wet fresh oxygeny air smell; damp jacket, wind-blown hair. But the part which makes is unpleasant it the hint of wet dog. It makes me jump away from my wrist with a shudder. It's not the smell of 'rain', its the smell of 'rain on things'. I just wish those things had been leaves, rocks or even soil, not barbour jackets, hair and dogs!

An interpretation of the rain that you can easily find in one of those scratch and sniff books for 3-4 years old children. Puerile.

unfortunately for me i bought a bottle, came home and sprayed it all over myself. until it started to wear off i just wanted to hurl. i am completely blown away by how awful this stuff is. stay far away. you have been warned....

Well I love this Rain. I've tried many versions of Rain, but this one spoke to me. It just makes you feel good. Very fresh, different and extremely clean. I totally recommend it.

This doesn't smell anything like rain. AT ALL. That said, it doesn't even smell good.. The smell makes you want to punch a wall, I don't know. Disgusting smell.

Smells like harsh bleach-powered cleaning product. Ugh. And I'm the type who always tries to understand synthetic smells, but this is just unpleasant. An absolute scrubber from the first sniff.

If my dog smelled like this after it was in the rain, then I would try to sell him as the best smelling dog in the world. I don't know what kind of dog you have... maybe you spray him with your fragrances once in a while? :OWell anyways, this definately does NOT smell like rain in any sense. There is a pure citrus note in this, like tangerines as someone else mentioned before. I would say tangerines mixed with water. Smells great but in no sense loyal to Demeter's description.

There's a typhoon going on outside and the sirens are going off, so I thought it would be a good time to test out Demeter Rain. What is that note in there that doesn't smell like rain? Lots of different opinions given here. To me I would say it smells sort of like a dog that's been out in the rain and has just been rubbed down with sliced cucumbers. Maybe it doesn't smell right to me because I approached it with a prejudiced mind. I didn't think that even Demeter would be able to capture the essence of rain, and I was right.

A cool aquatic that I like as a linen spray in the summer. Doesn't smell anything like a rainstorm.

Demeter should rename this "dog that's been in the rain." It smells exactly like wet fur. I don't like it.

This reminded me of tangerines. I like tangerines but I wanted some Rain.

Cool and cucumbery, starting with a sharp, metallic edge, almost like some kind of polish

A nauseatingly effusive melony-aquatic that only succeeds in evoking other cheap-smelling efforts to recreate after-the-rain. Note to functional perfumers and candlemakers: stop trying. Actual rain smells great because it is too ephemeral and subtle to capture in a aerosol can.

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