Rain & Angelica 
Jo Malone London (2014)


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Rain & Angelica by Jo Malone London

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Jo Malone London
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Part of the 'London Rain' collection.

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Reviews of Rain & Angelica by Jo Malone London

There are 2 reviews of Rain & Angelica by Jo Malone London.

A very pretty yet distinct thought provoking fragrance: when I smell this I am transported to a field of tall grass and flowers in the rain. The “wet” sensation of this perfume is unmistakable. One might confuse it for a soap used to freshly shower with or clean shampooed hair but it smells as if you could still be IN the shower. It's crazy but intoxicating and I find myself excited to put this on more than any of my other “fresh” scents. I didn't think I could pull off green scents but they're starting to become one of my beloved groups in my fragrance collection. Especially this time of the year something about fresh greens and florals is just so satisfying.

I know this scent is hard to find so I might not ever be able to repurchase if I use what I have up, but I think this combo of notes (Angelica + Rain/water) could probably be done by other houses as well and I'm excited to look further into them.

Longevity and sillage are not spectacular but I don't really need them to nor expect them to be. As fleeing as the sensation and smells of an abated storm is in nature, so is the preformance of this perfume. It sticks around long enough to please the wearer and strangers that come close enough for a few hours, then modestly drifts away. It doesn't need to show off or impress anyone but I imagine that someone would get quite a few compliments while wearing it out because it's just naturally beautiful.

If I were to smell this on someone (guy or girl) I would probably be overcome with the strong urge to just lay my head on their shoulder or bury my face in their hair. It's that subtly inviting, like looking up at the clouds from a fluffy patch of grass and the sun shining down, but in perfume meets skin format. Amazing.

A beautiful, aquatic-amber creation from the "London Rain Collection" from Jo Malone!

This one is meant to evoke early morning dew of London Parks. Lime starts the spray-on, mixed with a nondescript, aqueous "rain accord" note, which together set that "drenched morning" tone. The unusual pungent, sweet angelica herbal note mixes nicely with the tangy opening; vetiver adds its grassy, chocolate-y sweet and earthy presence.

The result is a naturally musky, fresh aquatic fragrance that I'd gladly wear during warm weather, casual occasions. Sillage is decent, longevity is okay.

For me, an evocative fragrance that is worth a whole bottle! :-)

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