Raghba fragrance notes

    • Vanilla, agarwood, incense, musk, sandalwood, sugar

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Decent Fragrance but not smthing i'll miss if i'm honest but i'll forgive it for the price. Lasts for so long you begin to beg (if you don't like it much like me),
18th June 2020
For around $30 US I would say this is an exceptional value for a rather linear juice. This is strong at the start and sweet. It is similar to Dolcelisir by L'Erbolario to my nose with the sweetness and vanilla. I really like the subtle oud/incense vibe I get from this. I do like it and would recommend this for the fall and winter for sure. For the price I would say it is a safe blind buy as long as you don't already have Dolcelisir (Vanilla Sweetness) or 24 Gold (Oudish Sweetness) by Scent Story... Otherwise Enjoy!
3rd June 2019

Gentle,discrete and sweet caramel sauce plastered over three scoops of vanilla ice-cream allowed to melt a little.
Wore it for a very informal but traditional old style English restaurant meal with my family and it suited that setting perfectly. Pleasant in every way.
23rd January 2018
Smells very close to 24 Gold. A very sugar sweet, warm amber-vanilla that dirties it up with some oud and wood. Super sweet and dirty all at the same time makes it quite interesting.

Impressive projection and lasts all work day.
24th October 2017
Raghba by Lattafa Perfumes is a fragrance (like Kalemat from Arabian Oud) that's seen a lot of positive press and circulation in the online community, and I'm surprised that I'd never anecdotally seen it compared to 24 Gold by Scentstory since the two fragrances are very similar.

Raghba is a strong gourmand, dominated by vanilla, honey, amber, and woods, mixed with a slight aspect of oud, which does not mitigate the sweetness. It has almost a syrupy quality to it without being especially like breakfast food (US). However, I'll offer that it's a little smokier than 24 Gold in its dry down, whereas 24 Gold retains more of the syrupy quality throughout its lifespan.

At bare minimum, Raghba feels like a great discovery given that its pricing ($26-$27 on eBay for 100ml EDP) is about half of 24 Gold's ($55-$60 on FragranceX for 100ml EDT), so I won't be buying any further bottles of 24 Gold in all likelihood. I'll be curious to see how Kalemat from Arabian Oud stacks up against these two when I eventually try it, perhaps in a couple of weeks.

Overall, Raghba is a very strong and pleasing scent, and really a superb bargain.

8 out of 10
7th December 2016
Very sweet vanilla and woody fragrance. Can get cloying if overspayed. Has that 24 Gold vibe. Not bad at all for the price! 7/10
1st December 2016
Well this stuff is very sweet, opens with a woody vanilla with the wood (oud) being in the background, I have worn this quite a bit and got a compliment most times I have, a girl said it smelled like 'baby powder' but she meant that in a good way, she could smell it a good 5-8ft away and this was 4 hours after application, she even bought some herself and for £10 it's great value.

Definitely something worth a blind buy if you're into sweet fragrances but by no means is this a 'complex' scent.

Smell: 6/10
Projection: 9/10
Longevity: 8/10

Overall rating: 7.66
4th September 2016
Raghba starts of nice, reminding me of a much cheaper Spiriteuese Double Vanille with its vanilla mixed with booze and tobacco. But after a few minutes, it loses some of its appeal, falling into a weird mix of ash and that Pink Sugar vanilla, colored with touches of rubber and something sour and green (maybe fennel or vetiver?). It's like a big pile of volcanic ash with a gob of vanilla frosting on it, or maybe someone melting marshmallows in a dirty ashtray in a tobacco shop. It's really not bad unless compared to its vastly superior cousins SDV and Tobacco Vanille, in which case its sour ash and unabashedly cheap vanilla falls short. You could do a lot worse for $26, but you could do a lot better if you're willing to spend more...
9th November 2015