Originally launched by Houbigant, the fragrance is now produced by Prism Parfums, who say:

this is a fragrance that contains the secrets of the world’s most romantic city… Paris. Fragrant orange flowers blended with sweet spices define a scent that combines the delight of a sidewalk café with the perfection of the Eiffel Tower

Raffinée fragrance notes

  • Head

    • carnation, jasmine, rose
  • Heart

    • herbs, hyacinth, iris, mimosa
  • Base

    • tonka bean, cypress, sandalwood, spices, incense, musk

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Latest Reviews of Raffinée

The original Raffinee is a superb fruity floral chypre, subtle but solidly present over many many hours. It is reminiscent of the Krizia scents, masterworks in the fruity floral category.

Raffinee has a luscious plummy blend of jasmine, rose and carnation, which is both fruity, floral and spicy at the same time. Beneath it all is the warmth of a base, infused with tonka, musk, creamy sandalwood and nutmeg.

These three auras (the spice, the florals and the chypre base) are perfectly balanced and ever present, even to the dry down. Quite a superb achievement.

Beware the rip off releases by Dana and Prism. Search for a red bottle, with gold bands, which was the design for the oriignal release. Highly worth seeking out.

18th April 2019
The original Houbigant Raffinee was along the lines of Vanderbilt, with added depth from subtle woody and spicy notes. I recently purchased the Prism version, expecting it to be at least similar, but have been left very disappointed. The Prism version is much heavier, very pungent, and reminds me of En Avion (one of the few Caron fragrances I really dislike) mixed with Vanderbilt. This might well work on some people, but it really is a disaster on me. I have had a similarly disappointing experience with Prism's version of Houbigant's Lutece. I had intended to purchase Chantilly next, but based on my experience with Raffinee and Lutece, I will give it a miss
18th May 2018

Lumbering Fracas.

(Eau de Parfum Houbigant)

13th May 2018
A perfect harmony. One of the most powerful feminine fragrances that makes you feel like a gorgeous, sophisticated old-Hollywood, glamorous movie star. Sensual and intriguing yet soft and rich that reminds me Tabu spicy but not quite as darkly woodsy as tabu yet the darkness of this scent keeps senses alert and awakens every instinct. Glamorous, timeless, woody, sultry, provocative, deep, oriental, heavenly, ladylike and femme fatale as the same time.

It opents with a sultry plum and carnation accord. The heart has begun to emerge and the scent is becoming an intensely spicy of cinnamon, tonka bean, mimosa and subtle hint of osmanthus. The warm, undeniably sensual vanilla, musk and sandalwood dance with lilting, exotic spices and incense leave an sensual dry down by a unforgettable woman graced with sophistication and femininity. It is surprisingly erotic like a sultry embrace. Very suitable for special evenings.
25th August 2016
Felt a little nostalgic and decided to wear the fragrance I received as a birthday present 15 yrs ago. Still Love It!
30th June 2016
(This is for the original Houbigant, not the Dana acquisition)

Raffinee smells like at least three different styles jostling in competition for attention. It's not like one of those fascinating frags that changes with the body or the season and releases differing nuances: it really is its own scent war. Green, white, and spicy florals complimented by/doing combat with spices, herbs, and who knows how many woods to create this strangely alluring yet unaccountably strange conglomeration of scents, memories, associations, comparisons. I feel the plum (of all things?!) dominates and colors the whole with a deep, wine-tinted red, and it is undeniably spicy but the juicy fruity aspect remains for nearly as long.

To date, I have never encountered a fragrance quite like this. I was probably embryonic in its heyday but (or because of that ) I really enjoy this. A very crimson affair. Sadly (for me), Raffinee is about as unisex as fishnet thigh-highs, and I'm no Tim Curry.

Fun note - There are so many similarities here to Lagerfeld's Sun Moon Stars (which I adore), and this might very well be her long-lost mother.
31st March 2011
This smells simular to Oscar De La Rentawith more spice in contrast to La Renta have more frankincense and suble woodsi prefre Raffinee It stands out without the overpowering Effects like Giorgio of Beverly Hills Red Has. i love the color of the liquid the bottle a little above average but noting to whrite about but it's worth keeping when it's empty and put colored sand in it.
16th August 2010
This review is for the abominable reformulation of Raffinee by Parfums Aladdin of NY, the current distributor. It is the rectangular bottle with the square red plastic cap. To assure freshness for this review, I opened a new box of EdT from a recent shipment . I should note that I have not yet had the opportunity to try the original by Houbigant/Dana.The top notes open with a very small amount of fresh citrus, and within 5 seconds marches in the most synthetic and awful Orange Blossom ever. At first, it reminds me of JPG's Fleur du le Male, which I sampled alongside it. Raffinee, however, has no aroma other than that of an old ashtray in a nasty diner. After an hour of this, and no development into a heart or base, I scrubbed it off. Not even sure if this can be considered a perfume.
30th November 2009
I own an original bottle of extrait, and it is an oriental, powdery, spicy, heaven. It opens with a wonderful burst of spicy sweetness, it then settles down into its oriental heart, powdery, soft, exotic and sandalwoody, this lasts quite a while. The base is still warm and a touch spicy, but the vanille starts to really come through. This is a wonderful example of a great 80's oriental scent.
28th February 2009
On me this smells like fresh applied baby powder. I get some fresh citrusy notes too. Nice fragrance for daytime, won't knock anyone down.
27th June 2008