Radio Bombay fragrance notes

  • Head

    • woods, copper, cedarwood
  • Heart

    • sandalwood, iris, boronia
  • Base

    • balsam fir, coconut musk, ambergris

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Radio Bombay is intriguing on my skin, for the first thirty minutes: sandalwood, cedar, copper, aldehydes, and something slightly floral and animalic.

Sadly, after thirty minutes the intriguing fragrance collapses into a cedar box with a strange coconut note, which I am stuck inside of for the next eight hours.

Radio Bombay might be amazing on you, so please try before you buy.
13th September 2022
Fantastic scent. I am a big fan of D.S. & Durga. I smelled this fragrance and decided to buy a bottle on the spot. Its earthy and natural with the unusual note of copper that make it truly special. BUT, when I decided to wear it I realized there is zero longevity. It dies within 25 minutes, and thats even after I apply 6 sprays. Pretty disappointing, I thought I found my new scent!
23rd February 2019

Radio Bombay is a dry woods and also is a metallic sandalwood perfume with a touch of ginger ale sparkle. The metallic edge at first gives the illusion of radio components overheated by the high capacity charge of house electronica and beats droning through the radio box. Even though this is not a sandalwood true fragrance the images all work well and it smells great. Along with Wonderwood and Tam Dao edp this is a favorite sandalwood scent - but it is more. Radio Bombay makes a statement of the culture for a particular place that seems familiar and is buzzing with unspent potentiality.
28th January 2017