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Racquets by Penhaligon's

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Lemon bounces off woody leather. A fragrance as bright as one’s tennis whites.​

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There are 2 reviews of Racquets by Penhaligon's.

It smells closer to Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum than to classical colognes. The opening lemon note is wonderful. It's aromatic, almost herbal peel is the first to greet my nose, and the ripe, juicy pulp soon follows. It's tartness is no longer piquant like that of a fresh lemon, but slightly fermented like the luscious tart-sweetness of confit lemons.

Sadly, the choice of ambroxan note is way out of my comfort zone, and its presence actually compromises the beauty of the delectable lemon note instead of creating an unexpected olfactory effect. The problem I have with ambroxan-heavy frags boils down to the simple fact that while I can (to a certain extent) enjoy them on others, I can't stand them on myself. They're not pleasant, entertaining or artistically relevant.

This one was a love at first sniff for me. It opens with a fresh, realistic and zesty lemon note which sits atop a nice rich leather and ambroxan base. The leather accord here is really nice, and quite different from other leathers one might bring to mind. It isn't a sharp new car or bag sort of smell. It has an oily, musky quality reminiscent of old, well worn gloves. As someone mentioned on another forum, it also hints at the smell of sheepswool or lanolin. This is a somewhat unique fragrance, so it is difficult to compare it to anything I've tried. Though they smell nothing alike, one could say in very broad strokes that it does something akin to Aventus, pairing sparkling citrus up top with dark basenotes in a similar way, only this time it's lemon-leather-musk vs. pineapple-birch-musk. The contrast between the tops and bases tickle my synesthetic responses in vaguely similar ways, at least. I would argue they have similar use cases, and that people who like Aventus will like this as well.

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