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    • Lemon, Galbanum, Leather, Woods

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I found an impeccably well-preserved bottle of QuiProQuo and the lemon in the opening is incredibly intact, which is shocking, as hesperidic notes are often the first to go "off" even a mere handful of years after a fragrance is produced. Astonishing.

The green and petitgrain notes that follow a few minutes after application are wonderful as well. Dry and crisp, this greenness is accompanied by a spicy, peppery note that leads the fragrance into the heart. This stage vaguely reminds me of a greener vintage Hermes Equipage, with a plush leather lurking in the background.

A woody ambience with what is clearly a natural oakmoss is what lingers in the dry down, several hours in; here it reveals the classic Grès DNA that is evident the base of Cabochard and Homme de Grès as well.

Hitting jackpot on a decades-old vintage is something to be truly relished. This will be stored with much care.
8th March 2022
A beautiful fresh lightly woodsy scent. Wears well all year round. Similar to other Eaux Fraiches launched in the 70's (Eau Folle from Guy Laroche, Eau Vive by Carven, Eau Fraiche from Leonard, Eau Fraiche by Durer)
18th March 2006