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Qatar by Roja Dove

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Qatar is a shared scent launched in 2017 by Roja Dove

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Reviews of Qatar by Roja Dove

There are 5 reviews of Qatar by Roja Dove.

Dark florals and - mainly - spices: that is the nutshell summary of the initial reaction I get in the opening minutes.

A dark violet underpins the first phase, carrying an euqually dark and slightly velvety May rose, together with a minimally powdery jasmine. Brief fruity hints (pear peach, whiffs of apricot) soon give way to an oud accord that is here to stay until nearly the end. This oud alignes, not unexpectedly, with the rose, but this creation is more that another rose-oud product. I did not get any separate top note of citrus or anything else.

Then the spices arrive in full force. A dark and faintly smoky patchouli joins the rose and the oud, but it lacks any crassness, sharpness or harshness. An impression of orris roots makes an nice addition here, and a styrax-banzoid duo enhances the spicy side; a very synthetic ambergris is lurking in the background hardly detectable on me; the same applies to a birch noes that escapes my even with my best efforts. There is a dark saffron that entails an unexpected sweet component, which is enhanced by restrained vanilla. The latter is joined by a candy floss note that is very nice, well-integrated into the whole, and does not express any sickly sweet character - this is not a Victoria's-Secret-style candy.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

A nice spice-centred autumnal creation with a floral introduction. It is a bit sweeter that similar creations form this house, but with a sweet ens that is rather sophisticated on me, as is the whole, if one ignores that many notes do not find their full potential due to a certain overload towards the end. Still, quite nuanced overall with good texture. 3.5/5

A nice semi-gourmand member of the "Gulf Collection" from Roja Dove!

Cotton candy is present midstream in this really pleasant scent. It's a tastefully crafted oriental-gourmand scent with a healthy dose of peach and pear, dancing around a core of ambergris (very odd combo, but it seems to work in Qatar) with its marine-waxy-musky accord. Rose reinforces the fresh, deep quality of Qatar, and oud is a straight ahead slightly smoky, non-barnyard presence that lifts the scent up. Qatar ends up with a rich, powdery-fruity-floral quality that has monstrous performance.

This one reminds me of Widian's Delma scent in so many ways. Both are not for everyone's tastes for sure, as the sweetness along with the other woody-floral-spicy items can be a put-off. Not for me, though. :-)

Roja Parfums' Qatar reminds me most closely (in this collection) of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as it is a rose/oud with some sweetness but not as significant as the fruity sweetness of Kuwait.

Qatar will likely be lovable to rose/oud fans like me, and starts off as a mild rose/oud blend, slightly sweet and slightly powdery, with a certain spiciness that I might attribute to the clove or possibly patchouli. It gradually becomes sweeter, the idea of the cotton candy emerging more so over a few hours. It dries down more thoroughly into a candyish, powdery, rosy blend without much oud or spices at all.

The performance is very strong, with well above average projection and extreme longevity.

I hold Qatar in high regard, much like UAE and Saudi Arabia, a very agreeable rose/oud scent with a bit of sweetness that emerges in the dry down. Roja's quality and sophistication shine through, as usual, and the hefty price tag of $550 for 50ml.

8 out of 10

You're on your way to lunch on a hot and sunny day, and your girlfriend stops you so that she can grab some cotton candy on the street, and you pause, because that's odd, right? You then make your way out into a city garden and sit on a sun-soaked wooden bench, surrounded from behind by jasmine and roses. You start slicing up some pears to begin your meal, but she stops you again - this time, to trade you her cotton candy for your pears. As she reaches across your lap, you catch the scent of the back of her neck, thick with sweat and faint vanilla from the cologne she used that morning. When you finish your lunch and get up to go, you offer to carry her leather purse, and she kisses you in return. Qatar by Roja Dove.

Genre: Floral Oriental

Qatar opens on a very sweet orange rind top note that is soon flanked by a syrupy peach and berry accord that will persist through much of the scent's development. Jasmine, intensely sweet, powdery amber, and rose emerge alongside the fruit syrup to form the spine of Qatar's fruity gourmand floral oriental structure. As I wear this scent, there emerges a nagging sense of familiarity about its loud, somewhat crass, syrupy sweet gourmand texture. Roja Dove has been called a derivative house, and at best its fragrances are classicizing in their style. If derivative, Qatar seems vaguely derivative of the loud, sweet berries and candyfloss part of Angel, without the dissonant woody patchouli accord that lends Angel its androgynous sense of humor and most of its interest.

The Roja Dove press material for Qatar goes on at some length about ambergris, but if there's an ambergris reconstruction lurking somewhere in Qatar, it's buried deeply under the tide of sweet fruit syrup. By this (sweet) point (sweet sweet) you may be (sweet sweet) detecting a (sweet) theme (sweet sweet) to this (sweet sweet sweet) review. Qatar is a rather one dimensionally sweet fragrance for most of its development, and while I suspect that some fine materials went into its production, this style of fragrance can't help but smell somewhat banal and cheap. And who, I ask, is going to pay $330 US per once to smell cheap?

On the bright side, those who demand performance will certainly be satisfied with Qatar. Its power is fully in line with its extrait concentration, and projection is far-flung. Qatar is tenacious and persists for hour upon hour, pumping out fluorescent pink fruity-floral amber in great, heaving waves around the wearer. When Qatar eventually reaches its drydown, things actually get more interesting, with the emergence of some dark woody notes, labdanum, and birch tar, but by that point I admit that I've lost interest. I suppose if you're a fan of the sort of fruity florals marketed to teenage girls, but can't find anything strong or lasting enough to satisfy your fancy, Qatar may be for you. Otherwise, I'm not sure I understand the point.

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