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Sixteen92 (2018)

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Pyromancy by Sixteen92

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Reviews of Pyromancy by Sixteen92

“It was a pleasure to burn. It was a special pleasure to see things eaten, to see things blackened and changed."

Pyromancy is such an essential autumn perfume. Here is the leaf, slowly giving up all green dreams, turning dry and then to mulch. Here is the scented humid soil that shocks us with our mortality but promises fertility to come. Here is smoke to bring life to dry, dead things and keep at bay the encroaching winter chill. And lingering on the edges, a sense of the gourmand that is a shocking contrast to the soil accent, a nod to the sustenance required by the season.
It makes me want to shuffle into the forest at night and sit it out until the sunrise. A striking achievement.

The listed notes don't prepare me for Pyromancy, which fact I find annoying.

Pryomancy strikes me as a rich, honey, gourmand leaning thing. The "embers" will be warm spices--cinnamon I'd say, is in there with the brightness of cardamom. The tea/tobacco accord blends to a sense of dark warmth.

Oud is an overstatement, and smoke is an overstatement. My impression is some softness suggesting amber, an indistinct wood, perhaps a touch of patchouli, and ambroxan.

I feel better about it all after I visit her site in a bit of pique to find her describe it as

"A warm and spicy cold weather atmospheric with gourmand nuances."

An almost fruity accord with the green cardamom, starts this off. Amber-y embers, oud, soon follow. Woody smoked tea leaves. Puffs, of tobacco. The smoke from some old pyre - its burning contents. Burnt offerings. Becomes sweet over time...

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