François Demachy: 

Purple Oud expresses an Oriental dream as depicted in a vivid, warm painting. It's a sparkling oud that sees powerful wood combine with lively notes. Orange blends with fresh spices such as Pink Peppercorn and Saffron. This shimmering oud will seduce those who like the animal strength of this heady wood, albeit a polished, brightened version that plays out in the background.

Purple Oud fragrance notes

    • oud, Pink peppercorn, Saffron, Orange

Latest Reviews of Purple Oud

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The “Oud” in this is most likely black agar (givco) combined with a cedarwood, I get a very strong note of pencil shavings which i guess owes to cedarwood Virginian. Also some orange, “saffron” most likely a tiny amount of safraleine. I purchased this at 40ml for £99, although pricey like most Dior perfumes I do quite enjoy it, esp for a night out which lots of people ask what perfume I'm wearing :)
22nd July 2021
Rorshard Oud

Ive been puzzling on this one a bit. I get pink pepper and saffron over synthetic clean oud and iso e super. Its dry, it sparkles. Its got the sweetness from the pepper, spicy from the saffron. It really is a nice fragrance. It does bear quite a bit of resemblance to Sycamore. So many people seem to be writing very different things about this one. It has no barnyard that I can find, it doesn't stink. Kinda safe and daring at the same time. I quite enjoy it. It hasn't seemed to perform super strongly. Say, 6 hours longevity, projection average. Good enough. I did a side by side with Oud Isphahan and Leather Oud. You can pick out the note they have in common, there is a thread, This is the clean brother.
18th June 2020

Pink pepper, saffron and warm orange provides a smooth and warm polished covering for an inward looking, silent, but brooding woods note that softly resonates as the background base. This is a very pleasant everyday orange wood scent that has a subtle hint of oud in the far reaches of background. This is not a big or loud imposing Oud but a pleasant “feel good” background aroma. You have to really look hard to find the oud note and I don't detect anything purple at all so the name is a question as to its references but it fits the overall scent somehow. This oud is probably the same note used in Leather Oud and Oud Ispahan, but in a greatly subdued capacity. After a few hours the clean opening gives way to this lightly toasted oud spice wood base with hints of pepper, cumin and touch of patchouli in the background. Purple Oud starts mild, smoothe and engaging but evolves into an inward looking oud cooled down with a touch of clear patchouli. Purple Oud is a "cool cat" kind of scent. This is my favorite of the recent 2018/19 Christian Dior Privee palette of aromatic tones.
20th June 2019
A more playful, citrusy and spicy take on the wondrous oud.

Purple Oud by Christian Dior feels like it's targeted for a broader audience of folks who may be put off by the purely animalic / smoky / dry wood of typical clarified versions of oud (including CD's own Oud Elixir Precieux!).

It's cleaned up a bit, rethought and presented as a legitimate alternative to the basic oud fragrances out there. I think about how the "Fragrance du Bois" company plays around with the base oud note and creates many editions shining different "lights" on the main actor. And Christian Dior does this magnificently here: Peppery, freshly citrus, and tinged with herbal saffron.

Not for everyone, I have to say. It leans towards the feminine direction, IMO, but men can enjoy it discretely too.
1st December 2018